5 Reasons You Need a Better QA Platform Now


You already know that Quality Assurance is a non-negotiable for your Contact Centre, maybe you’re already using a platform or you’re still sticking it out with spreadsheets, but are you sure you’re getting the best from your programme?

Here at EvaluAgent we want you to get the most out of QA for your business, but we also understand that you may be concerned about possible disruption to your business as you adopt or change your QA platform, so it might not feel like the right time. Despite what you may think, now is the perfect time to make that change!

From improving CSAT to reducing costs and saving on time, QA platform’s have multiple benefits that will ensure your contact centre will flourish whilst keeping your costs predictable and customers happy!

Let’s explore the reasons you need a better QA platform:

  1. You need to improve your CSAT scores.
  2. You have a high turnover of agents.
  3. Compliance is putting your business at risk.
  4. You need to reduce costs, save time, and improve performance.
  5. Your conversation coverage is low.

You need to improve your CSAT scores.

When you start your QA journey spreadsheets might seem to be working fine, but our guess is that as your business grows, they’re becoming a tiresome, stressful, and most likely a pointless tick-box exercise. As your business scales & team grows it’s important to implement QA process that consistently delivers a great customer experience and retains happy customers.

Using EvaluAgent you’ll be able to:

Can your current programme or spreadsheet do all that? This combination will allow your agents to consistently provide great customer experiences and will in turn improve and maintain your CSAT scores.

You have a high turnover of agents.

Did you know that agent turnover rates are commonly between 25-35%? Without focusing on reducing attrition most contact centres will experience increased expenses in hiring and training, it’s critical to focus on reducing this turnover.

QA and Performance Improvement should go hand in hand, so that’s why our platform has been developed with these challenges in mind, from getting agent onboarding right from the start to ensuring your agents are engaged throughout their careers, we have the right features in place to make sure this is happening. You’ll be able to motivate and empower your team whilst encouraging employee development and continuous coaching.

Compliance is putting your business at risk.

Our QA habits are a great barometer for where our compliance is at. In the average contact centre 95% of conversations remain unchecked and this leaves your business exposed. It’s important to remember that every conversation has the power to make or break your brand. Without 100% conversation coverage your business is at risk of costly fines and compliance breaches.

Your QA platform should let you identify risks within every conversation to reveal where compliance has been missed, run focused coaching sessions and track interventions and remedial actions in a centralised repository. Maximum compliance, minimum fuss.

Automate Quality Assurance Compliance

You need to manage costs, save time, and improve performance.

It’s important for your business not to reduce quality whilst aiming to reduce costs. It may seem counter-intuitive to invest in software when wanting to reduce costs. However, when the software increases operational efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction you’ll find that you’ll be saving money, time and improving performance all at once.

Make sure your platform ensures that your agent’s won’t be spending hours on admin, will understand reasons for contact with more insight than ever before and will get targeted training through an eLearning tool.

Your conversation coverage is low.

Every conversation counts. As stated before, a whopping 95% of conversations in the contact centre are unchecked –but solutions exist that can ensure that 100% of conversations are covered across every channel!

You can trust that every interaction within your contact centre is monitored, whilst auto scoring every conversation. By using automation, you can streamline your processes and automatically share results across your organisation – saving hours of admin.

Auto-QA Contact Centre

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By Lucy Phillips

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