EvaluAgent for Heads of QA

Actionable insight in half the time

Heads of Quality face more challenges and opportunities than ever before but are being held back by outdated technology and spreadsheets, meaning any visibility of Agent performance and coaching is near impossible to achieve. EvaluAgent helps you and your Quality team flourish.

All-in-one QA and Performance Improvement Platform

Bring QA, coaching and customer feedback together in one view and save time and money with EvaluAgent. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your call recording, ticket management solution and survey tool to provide everything you need to evaluate, coach and improve agents.

Auto-QA every conversation with AI

Alleviate the demand on your evaluators with Auto-QA. Automate compliance checks and evaluate every call, chat and ticket against your own measures of success with the power of EvaluAgent and Artificial Intelligence combined. Score customer conversations at scale and prioritize those requiring a deeper dive.

Automated Workflows Quality Assurance

Automate QA processes and speed up the evaluation process

Remove selection bias and save hours of admin. Configure and schedule automated workflows that send important conversations to your QA team for deep-dive evaluation and root-cause analysis.

Close the loop between QA, Coaching and Training

Avoid data silos and highly valuable insight slipping through the cracks with connected workflows that close the loop between insight and improvement. Establish the root cause with QA, share feedback, coach agents and assign eLearning courses with unrivalled visibility every step of the way.

Unrivalled visibility with all the reports you need in one place

Get the whole picture with data across agent performance and evaluator performance. Quickly identify what needs urgent attention enabling you to track how your QA efforts positively impact your business KPIs.


How to Develop A Successful Quality Assurance Framework

In this guide, we’ll explain how to develop a quality framework approach that will deliver real improvements to your QA process, your team, your organisation and your customers.

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