Reduce agent attrition

QA and Improvement platforms stand as catalysts for transformative change in contact centers, offering holistic solutions to the persistent challenge of attrition. By cultivating engaging environments, streamlining onboarding processes, and encouraging continuous development, these platforms pave the way for a workforce that is not only satisfied but also committed to delivering exceptional service at scale.

Address attrition and retain your top talent

With turnover rates soaring between 25% and 35%, contact centers face the imperative of reducing attrition and championing employee retention. Neglecting this challenges not only escalates hiring and training costs but also jeopardizes quality customer service. Quality Assurance and Performance improvement can play a key role in addressing these challenges.

Opting for a platform that provides a secure space for employees to contribute ideas, voice concerns, and offer suggestions can make a substantial difference. This not only nurtures a sense of connection and belonging but also empowers agents to bring significant value to the organization.

Getting onboarding right is a pivotal step in reducing attrition. While human intervention remains crucial, incorporating eLearning and interactive lessons with quizzes offers valuable insights into individual strengths and weaknesses.

This not only streamlines basic onboarding tasks but also eases the pressure on team leaders, preventing overwhelming experiences for new starters—ultimately proven to reduce attrition.

Motivate and empower your team through gamification with leaderboards and prizes. Recognize and reward improvement and celebrate personal development to keep agents inspired. Creating a culture of positive reinforcement not only boosts morale but also intervenes effectively when performance dips, providing the necessary support to counter attrition.

Encourage employee development with a combination of targeted automated agent improvement, with e-learning alerts triggered from AI-based insights, to constructive one-to-one and coaching interactions. Provide agents with actionable feedback that propels them towards becoming the best versions of themselves. Ensure agents have visibility into the measures they are scored against and access to their performance data in a format they understand, fostering continuous coaching and development.

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We believe agents are the heart of the contact center. That’s why evaluagentCX’s tools and features actively foster a more connected, motivated, and productive workforce. Discover how you can unlock a thriving team when you prioritize engagement.

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