Reduce Attrition

Reduce agent attrition with EvaluAgent

Improving agent attrition is a challenge for most contact centers today. With agent turnover rates commonly between 25%-35%, it’s critical for businesses to work towards a goal of reducing attrition and focusing on employee retention. Without prioritizing attrition, most call centers will experience increased expenses in hiring and training costs, not to mention the detrimental effects high turnover can have on maintaining quality customer service.

We understand that Quality Assurance and Performance improvement can play a key role in addressing these challenges, our platform has been expertly developed with this in mind.

Get onboarding right from the get-go

Employee onboarding should require some human intervention but introducing eLearning and lessons with interactive quizzes and modules give insight into the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and an understanding of what to prioritize.

Using eLearning to carry out the more basic onboarding tasks also alleviates the pressure on team leaders and prevents overwhelming new starters – proven to reduce attrition.

Engage your Agents

Keep agents engaged by providing access to valuable feedback in real-time, ensure QA is a collaborative approach and give agents an active role with the opportunity to acknowledge feedback and appeal scoring.

Motivate and empower your team

Show progress with gamified leaderboards, recognize improvement and celebrate personal development to keep agents inspired.

Create a culture of positive reinforcement to boost morale in the workplace and intervene when performance dips with support.

Encourage employee development and continuous coaching

Conduct meaningful one-to-ones to provide agents with actionable feedback they can use to become the best versions of themselves.

Only EvaluAgent ensures agents have visibility into the measures they are scored against and access to their own performance data in a format they understand.

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