Agent Improvement Software for Call Centers

Automation that supports agents

Deliver highly targeted, semi-automated training and coaching programs that improve both the agent and customer experience – all while significantly reducing admin overhead and retaining human and HR oversight.

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  • Robust Reporting

    Flexible reporting

    Access real-time insights to use for coaching, track KPIs, and verify ROI.

  • WFM Integration


    Save time on admin with Workforce Management platform integrations.

  • HR Processes

    HR Rigor

    Enjoy easy access to documentation to support your HR processes.

  • Learning Management System


    Use interaction insights to auto-trigger relevant lessons and learning paths for agents.

Leverage actionable insights and streamlined workflows to engage, support, and enhance your team’s performance with ease.

Call Centre Agent improvement

Make informed decisions with flexible, robust performance reporting  

  • Improve agent performance across interactions: AI-automated insights help you deliver relevant improvement actions, enhancing overall agent support. 
  • Dynamic reporting groups: Enjoy total flexibility with custom performance tracking, whether for new starters or a multi-site organizational structure. 
  • Customizable dashboards: SmartView dashboards help you easily track the metrics and KPIs that matter to you. 
  • Validate your ROI: Trend and compare inputs like QA, feedback, and coaching against outputs such as productivity and QA scores. 
Call Centre Agent Improvement
Enjoy a truly joined-up approach with evaluagentCX’s seamless integration into WFM platforms
  • Streamline workflows: Automatically retrieve WFM calendars to identify offline periods for development, through integrations like Injixo and Assembled.   
  • Scheduling and syncing: Schedule coaching sessions or 1-2-1 meetings directly from reports or specific evaluations. 
  • HR rigor: Documented meetings, captured interactions, agreed-upon actions, and participant acknowledgment provide a thorough paper trail. 
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Streamline training and maximize engagement with a comprehensive eLearning & LMS platform
  • Manage coaching consistently: Get started with best practice meeting templates or build your own agendas to ensure 1-2-1s are consistent across the business. 
  • Create engaging training material: Built-in online lessons, quizzes, and learning paths eliminate the need for additional authoring tools. 
  • Streamline training processes: Integrated workflows simplify enrolment, so courses can be assigned seamlessly as part of a 1-2-1 or a standalone action.  
  • Auto-trigger lessons: Deliver proactive and personalized learning interventions when a pre-configured low-performance threshold is triggered. 
  • Tracking and reporting: Easily track lesson assignments and completion rates to demonstrate the return on investment from training initiatives.  
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