Agent Engagement Software for Call Centers

Empowered agents, happier customers

If you want to deliver outstanding service and exceed customer expectations you need an engaged team. evaluagentCX supports you in empowering your agents by helping them understand how to improve, facilitating ongoing targeted customer service training and fostering a culture of community and recognition.

agent engagement
  • Recognise & reward

    Recognize and reward

    Drive healthy competition with gamification features.

  • Improve Communication

    Transparent communication

    Enable seamless top-down communication.

  • Agent performance insights

    Provide performance insights

    Ensure everyone has access to real-time performance insights.

  • Agent tools

    Agent self-improvement

    Give agents the tools they need to promote self-improvement.

Help your agents become active participants in their own development. Empower your team with real-time desktop access to results, feedback, coaching, actions, and training records, as well as gamified recognition and rewards.

Quality Assurance Agent Engagement
Transform your contact center with a gamification strategy that recognizes and rewards
  • Build individual profiles: Agents can personalize their profile, see a breakdown of earned points and track progress through My Levels.   
  • Fuel friendly competition: Explore leaderboards to see agent rankings, keeping tabs on progress and awarding achievements. 
  • Engage with auctions: Dive into team-focused auctions for real-time bidding excitement, receiving instant notifications for added motivation. 
  • Drive engagement with ease: Performance boards and engagement events can be aligned to your organization’s goals for great ROI, while customizable points systems and auctions keep your team incentivized. 
Performance Insights
Performance insights and resources that help agents strive for continual improvement
  • Keep everyone informed: Agents have easy access to performance insights, empowering them to see their growth and contribute to the team’s overall success. 
  • Personalized dashboards: Agents can customize dashboards to prioritize key metrics and targets, for a focused approach. 
  • Supportive resources: A diverse range of materials – including feedback, coaching, meeting records, e-learning modules, and quizzes – keep agents actively engaged with improvements. 
Quality Assurance Agent Engagement queried evaluation
Two-way communication that facilitates fairness and collaboration across the contact center
  • Streamlined appeals: Encourage active participation in your QA program with evaluagentCX’s intuitive appeals system that tracks changes to scores and trends. 
  • Enhance operations with agent input: Agents can submit ideas, concerns, and suggestions anonymously. Real-time notifications and status tracking help managers stay organized, while agents feel heard.  
  • Top-down communication: Celebrate achievements and keep call center employees informed with virtual announcements to boost morale and maintain connection.  
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We believe agents are the heart of the contact center. That’s why evaluagentCX’s tools and features actively foster a more connected, motivated, and productive workforce. Discover how you can unlock a thriving team when you prioritize engagement.

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