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Engage and support agents with visibility and recognition

Only when you empower your agents can your contact center thrive. 98% of employees will fail to be engaged when they receive little or no feedback and 65% of employees say they would like more feedback. Help agents play a more active part in their own development, reduce staff attrition, training costs and disruption to service with EvaluAgent.

Celebrate development and show recognition

Agent leaderboards can be configured to display the highest performers and biggest improvers, to celebrate achievements and recognise progress. Watch with excitement as agents work their way to the top and bring some friendly competition to the contact center.

Empower your agents

Empower your agents to actively participate in your QA programme by using an intuitive, transparent appeals system. Appeals give agents the chance to bring their opinions to the table. By using a collaborative approach and open discussion to feedback, engagement increases and agents are more inclined to improve performance going forward.

Deliver better coaching and development

Training agents on new products and processes has never been easier or more engaging. Agents have access to a library of interactive quizzes, lessons and learning paths and can play a more active part in their development. Our gamified platform enables agents to receive points, badges and branded certificates to maximise motivation, completion rates and retention.

Real-time feedback = immediate improvement

Agents receive feedback in real-time and can access this as soon as audits are complete, enabling them to improve their very next call. Team leaders and QA Analysts are also notified when an agent’s performance dips so they can intervene and help support the agent quickly. 


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