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Engage and support agents with visibility and recognition

Only when you empower your agents can your contact center thrive. 98% of employees will fail to be engaged when they receive little or no feedback and 65% of employees say they would like more feedback. Help agents play a more active part in their own development, reduce staff attrition, training costs and disruption to service with evaluagentCX.

agent engagement

“I want my agents to be more engaged and see QA as a way they can improve.

Gamify agent improvement with real-time auctions, driving healthy competition. Agents stay informed and motivated with instant notifications, competing for rewards based on points earned from excellent performance or improvement. This approach propels their performance, reshaping the perception of QA as an exciting pathway to continuous improvement.

Agent feedback

“I know agents sometimes feel unheard, but I have no efficient way of gathering feedback seamlessly.”

Empower agents in the QA program with an intuitive appeals system for open discussions. evaluagentCX’s suggestion box enables seamless submission of feedback, fostering collaboration and ensuring agents feel heard without fear of repercussions. This innovative approach promotes engagement and continuous improvement.

“I need agents to be able to self-learn at times, as things change quickly and 1-1 training sessions are not always possible

Facilitate self-learning with evaluagentCX’s LMS eLearning. Agents access an interactive library, including quizzes, lessons, and learning paths, empowering active participation in development – ideal for onboarding new agents. The gamified platform rewards agents with points, badges, and branded certificates, enhancing motivation, completion rates, and retention.

agent improvement

“Currently, there can be a delay with evaluations and feedback, so improvement actions aren’t as quick as I would like.”

Ensure real-time feedback with evaluagentCX. Agents receive feedback immediately after evaluation, enabling them to improve their very next call. Team leaders and QA Analysts are notified of performance dips, enabling swift intervention and support. Set up 1-1 sessions or coaching directly from an evaluation, with the option for targeted lessons auto-triggered to automate agent improvement.


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