evaluagent for IT Leads

Easy to integrate, deploy and maintain

Add best-of-breed automated agent improvement to your existing tech stack with ease.

evaluagent for IT Leads
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‘I need a solution that works seamlessly with my existing infrastructure’

As a platform agnostic solution, evaluagentCX offers both native and API-based integrations resulting in a quick and easy roll-out and without the need for major investment or IT assistance. 

QA Insights

‘Insights from contact center conversations must be available to multiple stakeholders’

evaluagentCX supports multiple use cases, generating AI and logic based actionable insights from conversation intelligence that can be leveraged to drive product, marketing and business strategy, operational efficiencies and be tied directly to automated QA and agent improvement programs – all from a single platform. Customizable dashboards ensure any area of the business has real-time desktop access to the data that matters to them.

“I must select and deploy best-fit technology solutions that will enable us to meet our business objectives”

evaluagentCX has been developed by an expert team with decades of contact center experience, who truly understand the challenges businesses face and the outcomes they are looking to achieve with the platform. We also work with market leader, Deepgram, to deliver highly-accurate transcription (provided at no extra cost). 

QA redaction

‘Data security is front of mind, particularly when dealing with sensitive or confidential customer information’

QA testing console

‘I cannot deploy a ‘black box’. We need to have human oversight of AI-based outputs’


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Throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. 

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