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QA leaders benefit from evaluagentCX, gaining laser-focused and accelerated QA, retaining the right level of human oversight to keep agents engaged, and driving continuous improvement. Ensure operational efficiency, while adding real value value to your operation, delivering a significant ROI.

Head of Quality Assurance
QA Insights

“Randomly sampling interactions to evaluate is not helping my QA team to truly understand the issues that are impacting customer and agent experience”

evaluagentCX monitors and analyzes 100% of conversations across all channels identifying friction points impacting customer experiences and your bottom line. These insights can be shared with the wider business and tied directly to automated QA workflows that surface the ‘must monitor’ interactions (positive and negative) for the QA team’ to evaluate and take measurable action.

“I don’t want to over-automate the process and end up with no actionable insights”

evaluagentCX embraces a co-pilot approach, automatically analyzing each interaction and identifying critical or “high-risk” conversations to be routinley assigned, interactions are swiftly scored, offering oversight through AI coaching tips and rationale. Review, approve, or make any necessary amendments before publishing and sharing results – striking the perfect balance between automation and human touch.

QA Leaderboard

“I need to keep my agents engaged with the QA process. I want agents to see the QA process as a tool to help them become better, not something used to criticize them.”

evaluagentCX’s gamified leaderboards create friendly competition among top performers and those showing improvement. Stay ahead of performance dips with configured auto-alerts, providing timely support to agents. Empower your team through a transparent appeals system, allowing them an active role in your QA program.

“I want to empower agents to take control of their own learning.”

Make learning enjoyable, accessible, and convenient, promoting self-learning. Combine courses with gamification for maximum motivation and knowledge retention. Auto-assign lessons for automated agent improvement, enhancing engagement with points, badges, and leaderboards. Formalize achievements with branded certificates, and keep everyone on track with assigned due dates and reminders.

“I’m uncertain about our ability to ensure compliance; it often feels like an ongoing challenge rather than an effortless task.”

Identify if agents adhere to procedures, policies, and talk-tracks, critical in regulated industries. Our automated QA process routinely assigns high-risk interactions, preventing manual oversight and enabling timely intervention to avoid business damage and costly fines.​

“I need to demonstrate to the business that my QA efforts are adding value”

Get the whole picture with data across agent performance and evaluator performance. Quickly identify what needs urgent attention enabling you to track how your QA efforts positively impact your business KPIs overtime,


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