EvaluAgent for BPOs

Support multiple channels and clients

Measure, monitor and improve agent interactions with a Quality Assurance & improvement platform, built for BPOs.

Contact Centre Coaching Reporting

Advanced reporting and data exports

See real-time performance across the contact centre, and drill-down into client, team or agent to understand the full picture.

And with your own reporting in place, you can easily export the data into other systems, or share it with your clients.


The system architecture your contact centre runs on shouldn’t restrict your choice.

That’s why EvaluAgent is completely platform agnostic; sitting alongside your existing systems and operating independently.

This results in a quick and easy roll-out without the need for a major client investment or IT assistance.


Real-time performance dashboards

Our intuitive dashboards deliver timely and relevant feedback to staff at every level of your organisation.

As a result, you’ll witness an increase in engagement and help nurture a new generation of agent; engaged, informed, enthused and capable of delivering a first-class customer experience.

Ensure consistent scoring and handle multiple evaluators

When scoring interactions across large QA teams inconsistencies are all too common.

That’s why EvaluAgent Quality can handle multiple evaluators and has a built-in calibration feature.


Customer stories

Throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

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