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Support multiple channels and clients

Companies that implement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) share the same recruitment and retention challenges with captive contact centers but must also excel in customer service. To meet this demand, flawless execution is vital.

Having a capable QA & improvement platform becomes even more critical for BPOs. It enables effective management of multiple clients, teams, and call center agents while ensuring ongoing performance and improvement.

quality assurance in BPOs
Quality Assurance reporting

“We require robust reporting capabilities to effectively manage and present QA data across our diverse clientele.”

evaluagent integration partners

“I need a solution that seamlessly integrates with our existing technology, eliminating the need for additional client investment.”

Call center coaching

“I need to efficiently coach and onboard agents, and drive continuous improvement.”

QA scoring

“I need to ensure consistent scoring and handle multiple evaluators.

White paper

Best practices in managing BPO churn

In this guide, we contextualize the key obstacles faced by the captive and BPO contact centers, provide pointers to reduce staff turnover and explain how technology can help improve both employee and customer experience.

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Throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. 

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How does evaluagent enhance business processes for call center solutions?

evaluagent is QA and improvement platform designed for Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). By enabling the effective management of multiple clients, teams, and agents, evaluagent boosts ongoing performance and improvement in call centers *.

Can evaluagent’s platform integrate with existing contact center software to improve customer interactions?

evaluagentCX is completely platform-agnostic, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with existing contact center software. evaluagent helps BPOs deliver superior customer service without the need for extensive system overhauls.

How does evaluagent utilize robotic process automation (RPA) to optimize business operations in contact centers?

Through intuitive and fully connected workflows, evaluagentCX elevates agent performance with a blend of RPA HR rigor, and human oversight. This approach enables scalable improvement, efficient coaching, and effortless onboarding of agents.

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See your AI-powered QA and Automated Agent Improvement Co-Pilot that uses intelligence from every interaction to understand, elevate and differentiate your Customer Experience at scale.

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