Increasing QA Productivity Inside The Share Centre

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    80 Agents

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    285% increase in productivity

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    16% increase in pass rate


The Challenge

The Share Centre are a FinTech organisation who aim to make the process of buying and selling shares easier. Having grown to over 80 agents, their new Head of Quality and Compliance was frustrated by clunky spreadsheets and inefficient QA processes.

After an initial evaluation process which looked at three separate QA software providers, The Share Centre opted for EvaluAgent all-in-one Quality Management and Performance Improvement platform. Their decision was based on a successful proof of concept which demonstrated a massive 285% increase in productivity and reduced time to audit using the EvaluAgent platform.

Benefiting from a clear ROI in efficiency alone, The Share Centre have been able to focus more time on delivering effective feedback to front-line agents without increasing the size of their QA team. Within six months, over 1,600 pieces of feedback were delivered in real-time to their agents personalised dashboard. The result was an impressive 16% increase in pass rate that continues to be an upwards trend.

Increasing productivity by 285%

Before EvaluAgent one QA audit took The Share Centre over 24 minutes to complete due to extremely manual processes. In contrast, it now takes The Share Centre just 6 minutes 17 seconds to complete the same audit. A massive 285% increase in productivity.

Improving pass rates through feedback and coaching

Starting with 69 pieces of feedback in August, The Share Centre has now delivered at least 350 pieces of feedback for the last 3 consecutive months; without increasing the size of its team. As shown, this fivefold increase in feedback has contributed to a steady rise in pass rates from 73% to 85%.

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