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The challenge of delivering outstanding service at scale is an ongoing task for contact centers. QA & Improvement Solutions can assist in addressing this challenge, offering a strategic approach to not only understand every conversation but also to empower agents, streamline feedback loops, and drive data-driven training and process improvements.

deliver great service at scale

Gain Insight into Every Interaction for Targeted Training to Elevate Sales and Service Interactions, Ensuring Exceptional Customer Service Every Time.

100% conversation coverage with the help of AI ensures that no conversation goes unnoticed. By analyzing 100% of interactions, contact centers gain invaluable insights.

Understanding which interactions exceed customer expectations and identifying areas for improvement across the board becomes the catalyst for pinpointing training opportunities and enhancing agent performance.


AI can assist in automatically identifying areas where agents score low or fail evaluations allows for targeted interventions. Utilizing this insight, contact centers can implement focused training, eLearning courses, and lessons – even better if the solution automates this. Understanding customer reasons for contact at scale drives better processes, deflects demand from the contact center, and equips agents to handle common themes effectively

Agents require ongoing support to provide exceptional service. This necessitates real-time feedback, actionable coaching, and focused 1-1 sessions. Access to performance data and insights into areas for improvement is crucial.

An effective QA tool should feature seamless agent improvement workflows, ideally incorporating automated coaching and training, including eLearning lessons and coaching sessions, to promptly address low performance and dips. This not only keeps them engaged but also ensures a commitment to excellence in delivering exceptional service.

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At evaluagent, we believe in leaving no stone unturned. That’s why we analyze 100% of interactions – be it calls, emails, social media, web-chats, or even chatbots. Our mission? To uncover the hidden gems and potential pitfalls in process, policy, product, agent, and customer behaviors.

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