Deliver great service at scale

Provide great service consistently with a platform that grows with you

Maintain great service as you scale. In the beginning spreadsheets may work fine, but as your business scales and teams grow it’s important to implement processes around QA, coaching and recognition to consistently deliver a great customer experience and retain happy customers.

Gain insight into every conversation

Ensure no conversation goes unnoticed.

Understand which interactions exceed your customer’s expectations and those that need improvement across 100% of conversations, use this insight to pinpoint training opportunities and improve agent performance.

Provide data-driven training and process improvements

Quickly identify the areas where agents are scoring low or failing evaluations and intervene with targeted training, eLearning courses and lessons.

Understand customer reasons for contact at scale and use this insight to drive better processes, deflect demand from the contact center and train agents on the most common themes.

Close the gap on feedback loops

Ensure you have the whole picture of your customer’s experience and correlate QA and customer satisfaction scores easily with Integrated Surveys.

Engage your front-line teams with customer feedback to drive better performance and improve CSAT and NPS scores.

Easily onboard new employees

EvaluAgent is the all-in-one solution to manage quality, train, coach and onboard employees quickly and effectively.

Empower your agents and set them up for success with real-time feedback and coaching to improve every interaction.

Invest in a solution that scales with you

EvaluAgent is designed to grow with your business. Use our traditional approach to QM with engaging leaderboards and eLearning and switch to AI and Auto-QA when you become more sizeable.

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