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Deliver better coaching and improve agent performance

Team Leaders can’t support their team if they don’t have enough support themselves. evaluagentCX helps supervisors by reducing time spent on admin and enabling them to provide more targeted coaching and training.

Call Centre Team Leader

“Monthly spreadsheet reports are limited. I require instant insights to identify agents in need and understand specific areas for improvement.”

Gain complete visibility into the performance of your people and processes in one central view. Agent dashboards provide a single source of truth, identifying positive and negative trends to help you spot coaching opportunities

Call center coaching

“To lead effectively, I need streamlined workflows for feedback, coaching, and performance management, minimizing admin efforts and allowing more time for team support.”

Use data-rich insights on agent performance to trigger, schedule, manage and record all HR-related 1-to-1 meetings and actions in one place, ensuring all actions are captured, due-dated, and reviewed. Keep everything organized in one place for easy tracking.

“I want my agents to take control of their own improvement journey.”

Ensure agents have the tools to self-learn and enhance their performance. Automatically enroll individuals, teams, or entire groups in relevant eLearning courses based on performance metrics, compliance, and knowledge gaps. Set up auto-assignments for instant support and targeted self-learning whenever performance takes a dip, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

“I need to prove the effectiveness of offline time and showcase KPI improvements to the business.”

Access detailed insights into coaching sessions, one-to-ones, and performance data for ongoing measurement. Leverage comprehensive reporting to demonstrate positive impacts on KPIs through trend analysis and topic breakdowns, reinforcing the value of your efforts to the business and HR.

“I need my team to believe that if they do a good job, they’ll be recognized and rewarded”

Create a culture of consistent excellence in your team. Agents accumulate points for delivering high-quality performance, advance through levels, and engage in friendly competition on performance boards. Enhance the reward experience by enabling agents to utilize their points in an interactive, eBay-style bidding system. This allows them to bid on prizes, showcasing appreciation for their dedicated efforts.


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