Elevate and differentiate your customer experience with evaluagentCX

Improve the quality of your sales and service interactions through automated agent improvement and engagement.

Evaluagent SmarView Dashboards
  • 100% coverage

    Unlock actionable insights from every call, ticket, chat and email to drive both a much more effective QA program and business-wide improvements.

  • automate QA

    Automate QA

    Use AI and automation to surface the 'must monitor' interactions and increase productivity, whilst retaining human oversight and HR rigour.

  • Improve performance

    Better agents = better customer experiences. Improve FCR, CSAT, QA and AHT with in-built feedback, coaching and eLearning.

  • engage your agents

    Engage agents

    With gamification and real-time access to feedback, actions, and training records, agents are empowered to play an active part in their own improvement.

Quality Assurance Software

Your QA co-pilot

Benefit from a seamless blend of AI, automation and human oversight to laser focus your QA process. Uncover insights that drive impactful agent improvement actions that tie directly to the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Conversation Intelligence Software for Call Centers

Close the insight gap

Leverage conversation intelligence to monitor every interaction on every channel to truly understand the issues and behaviors that are positively and negatively impacting the customer experience.

Call Centre Agent Improvement 3

Automation that drives action

Deliver highly targeted, semi-automated training and coaching programs that improve both the agent and customer experience – all while significantly reducing admin overhead and retaining human and HR oversight.

Quality Assurance Agent Engagement

Empowered agents, happier customers

If you want to deliver outstanding customer experiences, you need an engaged team. Empower your agents by helping them understand how to improve, facilitating ongoing targeted coaching and fostering a culture of community and recognition.

Call Center Quality Assurance
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