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Evaluagent SmarView Dashboards
  • 100% Coverage

    Unlock actionable insight from every call, ticket, live chat and email with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  • Automate QA

    Increase the productivity of your QA by 285% with automated compliance checks and a streamlined evaluation experience.

  • Insight and Improvement

    Better agents = better customer experiences. Improve FCR, CSAT, QA and AHT with in-built feedback, coaching and eLearning.

  • Report Results

    Share operational performance, correlations between QA and CSAT, and the impact of training on agent development from a single source of truth.

Quality Assurance

Evaluate four times faster

Evaluate the right conversations at least four times faster than a spreadsheet. Build custom scorecards, automatically send “evaluations to be completed” to inboxes of evaluators, and utilize real-time reports, calibration, agent appeals and feedback to help everyone flourish.

coaching and one-to-ones

Turn insight into performance improvement

Provide agents with actionable feedback and support on their biggest development opportunities through structured one-to-ones and trackable, SLA-driven actions which eliminate data silos and a lack of visibility.

SmartView Custom Dashboards

Reporting and Insights

Transform your metrics into actionable insights

Empower teams to concentrate on the key metrics that are relevant to their goals, breaking down system barriers and enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions.



Elevate your employee experience and unlock exceptional customer experience

Make agents a priority and build a positive employee experience that rewards, recognizes, values, and actively listens to them. Increase engagement, add some healthy competition and drive motivation, resulting in a consistent delivery of exceptional customer experiences.

Contact Centre eLearning Reporting

e-learning (LMS)

Targeted training, created and assigned effortlessly

Resolve knowledge gaps, support personal development and manage compliance with an integrated learning management system. Put training on autopilot with SmartTriggers which auto-assigns relevant training courses as soon as continuous underperformance is spotted and Learning Paths to reduce the cost of onboarding.


Evaluate any conversation in seconds

We’ve combined the latest developments in AI and machine learning to integrate ChatGPT into our market-leading QA & Improvement platform. SmartScore will accelerate the evaluation process and support your QA team without removing human oversight.

Automated Quality Assurance


Automate Quality and Compliance with AI

Evaluate every conversation using your own measures of success, and out-of-the-box EvaluAgent insights so you can understand your customers’ needs, better manage agents’ performance and prioritize training interventions based on 100% of your contact center conversations.

Call Center Quality Assurance

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