evaluagentCX, your QA co-pilot

Laser focus your QA process with a seamless blend of AI, automation and human oversight. Uncover insights that drive agent performance and have a measurable impact on customer experience.

Call Centre Quality Assurance Software
  • Automate workflows

    Automatically identify and routinely assign high-risk, must-monitor interactions.

  • Evaluate faster

    Speed up scoring with the help of AI and automation without losing human oversight.

  • out-of-the-box-topics

    Immediate value

    Replicate existing score-cards and use out-of-the-box Logic and AI automated QA line items.

  • Smartscore


    Build and implement Unlimited Automated Line Items with SmartScore Customization.

A comprehensive co-pilot

Accelerate evaluations, minimize manual effort, and ensure a complete understanding of each interaction with the assistance of AI – all while maintaining control. 


Quality Assurance Software
evaluagentCX: The human touch, empowered by AI.
  • Boost productivity: Experience a 5-10x increase in productivity while maintaining control over your QA processes
  • Out-of-the-box logic and AI line items: Ready-to-use automated line items – no setup necessary
  • Speed up scoring: Line items are automatically scored, along with a rationale and AI coaching tips, allowing you to review insights before sharing with the team
  • Tailored line items with SmartScore: Unlock more insights with an array of customizable, automated line items to score in areas unique to your operation for exceptional customer service.
Call Centre Quality Assurance
Automation that uncovers must-monitor interactions effortlessly.  
  • Focused QA assignment: Configure the platform to automatically assign conversations to evaluators based on criteria determined by you 
  • Agent and evaluator quotas: Set specific quotas for your customer service teams, agents and evaluators to ensure balanced workload distribution 
  • Workload replenishment: Determine the frequency of workload replenishment to maintain a consistent QA process 
  • Ensure consistency and fairness in QA: Harness Check-the-Checker workflows for independent blind-scoring, comparing results, generating reports, and tracking variations for a transparent evaluation process 
Call Center Quality Assurance
Enjoy unparalleled flexibility, designed to meet your unique needs.
  • Seamless scorecard management: Effortlessly replicate your existing scorecard, or build custom ones with ease 
  • Enhanced compliance monitoring: Introduce Auto-Fails for high-risk items 
  • Efficient evaluation experience: Streamline evaluations with a built-in Call Player and Ticket Viewer all in a user-friendly interface 
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Solving the QA quandary

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Further reading on Quality Assurance

What benefits does evaluagent’s QA Platform offer to call centers?

evaluagent’s QA Platform, evaluagentCX, enhances call center operations by blending AI, automation, and human oversight to speed up the QA process, automate workflow, and provide immediate value with customizable scorecards. This approach leads to an increase in productivity and a deeper understanding of customer interactions, improving the customer expectations and overall experience.

How does evaluagent’s platform elevate overall customer satisfaction within contact centers?

At evaluagent, we revolutionize the contact center experience by seamlessly integrating AI, automation, and human insight. This strategic blend ensures every customer interaction is not just monitored, but enhanced at every stage.

Can evaluagent refine our contact center’s approach to customer support processes?

Absolutely. evaluagent stands as your QA co-pilot, designed to refine and elevate your customer support processes. Our platform automates the mundane, allowing you to laser-focus on what actually matters. With AI-driven insights and automated scoring at your fingertips, you’re equipped to accelerate evaluations and uncover insights that drive enhanced agent performance.

Experience evaluagentCX

See your AI-powered QA and Automated Agent Improvement Co-Pilot that uses intelligence from every interaction to understand, elevate and differentiate your Customer Experience at scale.

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