Conversation Intelligence Software for Call Centers

Close the insight gap with evaluagentCX

Extract insights from every interaction across all channels to truly understand issues such as returns, repeat contacts, regulatory breaches, churn, complaints and lost sales, and drive impactful changes at scale.

  • Get the full picture

    Bring in interactions from any platform and achieve 100% coverage across all channels.

  • Transcribe all calls

    Market-leading call transcription powered by Deepgram included.

  • Uncover Issues

    Automatically analyze against logic and AI Insight Topics.

  • Smart Intelligence

    Tailor to your org

    Limitless Insight Topic customization with Smart Intelligence.

Gain an in-depth understanding of every conversation to drive positive improvements for your people, processes, and products – not to mention your customers!

Conversation Intelligence Software for Call Centers
Powerful technology that drives deeper insights
  • Effortless integration for total coverage: Seamlessly bring interactions into evaluagentCX, for true multi-channel coverage across calls, emails, chats, tickets, and chatbot conversations.
  • Market-leading transcription​: Powered by Deepgram, our solution handles background noise, cross-talk, and diverse accents, offering single and dual-channel capabilities with precise speaker detection.  
  • Automated Tagging for Calls: Calls are automatically tagged with essential audio metrics, highlighting silence and overtalk percentages.
Conversation Intelligence Software for Call Centers
Discover what’s impacting your customer experience
  • Sentiment analysis: Identify sentiment across all channels, from high-risk interactions with prolonged negativity, to high-value interactions that show your team what good looks like  
  • Out-of-the-box Insight Topics: Automatically analyze interactions against topics such as Empathy, Dissatisfaction, Complaints and more. 
  • Easily identify problems: Uncover issues with returns, repeat contacts, regulatory breaches, complaints, and lost sales by analyzing 100% of interactions. 
Optimize and customize your QA process while protecting customers
  • Protect privacy with redaction: Protect sensitive data – choose from out-of-the-box options or create custom redaction rules tailored to your organization. 
  • Laser-focused QA: Harness filters to find and group crucial must-monitor interactions, making the very best use of your QA team’s time. 
  • Search with customized filters: Utilize comprehensive data and data tags (metadata, sentiment, audio metrics, Insight Topics) for smarter searching. 
  • Maximize Insight Topics with Smart Intelligence: Create and apply unlimited custom topics to easily identify the things that matter to your business. 
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Bridging the insight gap

evaluagentCX is built on the belief of leaving no stone unturned. That’s why we can help you analyze 100% of interactions – be it calls, emails, social media, web chats, or even chatbots. Our mission? To uncover the hidden gems and potential pitfalls in process, policy, product, agent, and customer behaviors.

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