Introducing xNPS by evaluagent: The answer to unreliable customer surveys

In an era where every customer interaction can make or break your brand reputation, understanding the likelihood of your customers to recommend your organisation to a friend, and the wider “voice of your customer” is more crucial than ever before – but how the industry has done it so far is quite broken.  

Traditionally, companies have relied on manual customer surveys to calculate an their NPS score. But there are three challenges with this approach: 

But there is an answer to this long-standing problem. A way to achieve a more reliable assessment with one metric inside evaluagentCX. 

Introducing xNPS 

An Expected Net Promoter Score or xNPS for short, xNPS is evaluagent’s answer for the contact center that wants to move away from declining response rates and sample bias that’s often associated with customer surveys.  

Through our new xNPS feature, we can predict, with 80-90% accuracy, the likely NPS Rating (and why!) a customer would give based on the interaction they’ve just had with your contact center – all without needing to run a survey program, saving your customers valuable time.  

This means you’ll now have access to a complete, unbiased view of customer sentiment and the voice of your customer based on every interaction your contact center handles – rather than just 3-4%.  

This game-changing feature is now available for customers who would like to take part in our early access program. 

How does expected NPS work?  

xNPS uses the latest generative AI models to put the AI in the shoes of your customer and ultimately answer the question on your customer’s behalf. This means we can predict with a high level of accuracy (based on our internal testing), whether a customer is going to be a promoter, passive or detractor when discussing your organisation with their friends and family.  

Our early access release will focus on using this additional metric in the prioritisation of conversations to be evaluated, enabling you to focus your QA efforts on high-risk, high-value conversations where the customer is likely to have negative sentiment towards your business.  

A dashboard showing how the xNPS trend displays in evaluagent

During the early access program, we plan on building out further features to include trend widgets on our smartview dashboard and thinking more about ways in which we can provide access to this data within our exporting functionality so you can power your other contact centre solutions based on this predictive metric.  

How can I switch xNPS on in evaluagentCX?  

We’re delighted to hear you’re as excited about the possibilities that this new xNPS could bring to the contact centre industry. In the short term, xNPS is going to be available as part of an early access beta release for selected customers who register their interest using the form below.

Not an evaluagent customer yet? Register below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to explain more about xNPS and evaluagentCX’s other market-leading features.

In return for early access, our product and engineering team would love to spend a few minutes with you to better understand your current setup, any use cases, features, or workflows you think we’ve missed, and of course be in communication with you throughout the early access program to make sure it’s working as well for you as it has in our internal testing . 

This is the start of our journey towards powering your contact center and wider organisation with conversational intelligence that is smarter, more sophisticated, and more powerful than ever thanks to the power of GenAI.  We have a vision whereby evaluagent can be pivotal in powering your other systems, and would love the opportunity to talk you about this future in more detail.  

Until next time, 
The evaluagent Product team