Don’t let compliance put your business at risk

In regulated industries, every conversation has the power to make or break your brand. Without EvaluAgent, 95% of conversations remain unchecked, leaving your business exposed.

Our platform helps you identify risks within every conversation and avoid costly fines for compliance breaches.

Automate Quality Assurance Compliance

Reveal where compliance has been missed… instantly!

With EvaluAgent, you can automatically analyze every call, email, live chat and ticket to detect instances where compliance measures have not been followed – without manually listening or searching every conversation.

Contact Centre Coaching

Run focus coaching sessions to reduce non-compliance

Easily understand which agents are not following compliance regulations and use this insight to create coaching sessions to target those areas that are failing, improving agent performance and keeping your contact center secure.

Track interventions and remedial actions in a centralized repository

One centralized place for storing evaluations, coaching, feedback and one-to-one’s keeps it simple to retrieve evidence in the event of an audit.

Clearly demonstrate how you have approached and overcome knowledge gaps or resolved issues with everything easily available and securely documented.

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