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Address your concerns head-on with evaluagentCX, providing a comprehensive understanding of how products, processes, policies, and people impact your bottom line. From pinpointing cost-drivers to ensuring regulatory compliance, we provide the tools needed to enhance customer experiences, safeguard reputations, and drive sustainable growth.​

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“I need to identify and address the issues that are costing us money such as returns, repeat calls, complaints, and missed sales, to ensure we stay competitive.”

With 100% of conversations analysed across all channels, uncover insights into interactions that could have been redirected to self-service channels, instances of repeat contacts, or progress chasing. Leverage this information to drive process improvements, inform coaching strategies, and enhance KPI’s.

“I can’t really justify investing in a QA tool without showing ROI, so our QA efforts end up stuck where they are.”

Deliver comprehensive insights to multiple stakeholders with evaluagentCX. Delve into issues such as returns, regulatory breaches, and complaints to influence business, product and marketing strategies, as well leveraging these insights to automate QA and agent improvement workflows. Streamline operations by automating the assignment of coaching and training via WFM administration for increased efficiency.

“I need to ensure customers feel valued and assess if their experience is aligned to the brand when they speak to sales and service agents”

evaluagentCX guarantees complete coverage across all channels, applying insight topics to every imported conversation and unveiling sentiment. The results are displayed in cutomizable dashboards, serving as a powerful tool to filter and comprehend all aspects of conversations, providing a deep understanding of your customer experience.


“I just don’t have enough time to really help my agents, and without the right reports, I end up spending way too much time compiling data and figuring things out”

Identify the impact of skills and behaviours on customer loyalty effortlessly. Recognize top performers and pinpoint agents in need of support through intuitive, fully connected reports. evaluagentCX, along with team leaders, facilitates easy identification of areas requiring assistance. Automate agent improvement, with coaching and training via scheduled WFM and centralize HR records for streamlined management.​


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