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Optimize your Contact Center with AI

Built by former contact center managers, we believe your people are your most important asset. With EvaluAgent, it’s easier than ever to deliver a consistent customer experience by optimizing the performance of your people, processes and costs that contribute towards it.

Increase engagement and retain agents

EvaluAgent’s easy-to-use intuitive platform makes it effortless to keep your agents engaged. Our gamified leaderboards introduce friendly competition for both top performers and most improved. Be the first to know when performance dips with configured auto-alerts and provide agents with the support they need. Empower your agents with our transparent appeals system and give them an active part in your QA programme.

Understand performance and set agents up for success

Have complete visibility into your agents performance and how your operational managers are supporting them to improve. Oversee the measures of success, the quality and quantity of coaching sessions and all your people-related metrics in one clear dashboard.

Find the root cause of failure drivers and opportunities to improve

Reveal insight into those interactions that could have been deflected to self-service channels, instances of repeat contacts or progress chasing and use this to drive improvements, inform coaching and improve KPIs.

Proven ROI from day one

Although investing in a QA solution can seem counter-intuitive when trying to reduce business costs, did you know teams who use a spreadsheet take four times longer to complete one evaluation? By automating processes, gaining visibility into top performers and failure drivers whilst eliminating operational inefficiencies you can improve CX and reduce costs.


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