EvaluAgent for Team Leaders

Drive better coaching and improve agent performance

Team Leaders can’t support their team if they don’t have enough support themselves. EvaluAgent helps supervisors better manage their teams by highlighting which agents are struggling and where.

All the reports you need, all in one place

Gain complete visibility into the performance of your people and processes in one central view. Agent dashboards provide a single source of truth, identifying positive and negative trends to help you spot coaching opportunities.

Improve agent performance with better coaching

Visibility into customer feedback allows you to identify coaching opportunities in real-time and coach agents based on this insight. Optimize your coaching methods by driving more informed sessions and giving feedback backed by actual data.

Address knowledge gaps with built-in eLearning

Remove the need for manual intervention and automatically enroll individuals, teams and entire groups of agents on eLearning lessons/courses (LMS), based on line-item performance, compliance breaches and knowledge gaps.


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