How to unlock agent motivation with gamification

The contact center has never been an easy place to work, but with more channels than ever and high customer expectations, the agent’s role is increasingly under more pressure. 

So how do you combat these demands, prioritize agent wellbeing and prevent agents from becoming disengaged? 

It might sound like a lofty task, but there is a way. Introducing: gamification. 

What is gamification? 

Gamification is a strategic approach that introduces the fundamental elements of games – such as competition and achievements – into the workplace. By incorporating points, badges, and leaderboards into daily tasks in the contact center, gamification transforms mundane work into engaging challenges. 

Ultimately, the concept is about making work more fun. In an environment like the contact center, which can have periods of high stress, it has the potential to make a huge impact. 

How can gamification help with agent engagement and attrition? 

Contact centers are renowned for higher-than-average attrition rates (around 42%!), so boosting agent engagement is critical in reducing turnover. 

Gamification offers a light-hearted way to boost productivity, with the potential to increase company productivity by up to 50% and employee engagement by 60%. In fact, according to Salesforce, 72% of people believe that gamification inspires them to work harder. 

In addition to enhancing productivity, gamification serves as a powerful learning tool, increasing employees’ ability to learn by up to 40%. 

Kick-start your contact center’s gamification journey 

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You’ll gain practical insights and knowledge to seamlessly integrate gamification into your operations in a way that works for your staff and setup. So not only can you look forward to reduced turnover rates, but also happier agents providing even better service to your customers. 

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