Increasing Conversation Coverage

Improve productivity by 285% with Automation and AI

Every conversation counts. EvaluAgent increases conversation coverage to 100% meaning you never miss out on those conversations that can make or break your brand.

Auto-score every conversation, across every channel

With EvaluAgent, you can trust that every interaction within your call center is monitored, as well as scored against your own measures.

Gone are the days searching for a conversation worthy of evaluating, now you can let the AI do the hard work for you; identifying those that need your attention or deep dive.

Automated Workflows Quality Assurance

Save hours of admin

Remove the need to spend hours delegating and distributing evaluations among your team.

Auto-work queues can be configured to send evaluations to your team without manual intervention, ensuring everyone’s workload is fair and consistent and giving you the gift of time to focus attention on your front-line team.

Improve performance with automation

Use automation to streamline coaching workflows and configure eLearning lessons to be automatically assigned to an agent as soon as a knowledge gap is identified.

Automate reporting and MI

Save precious time and automatically share results across your organisation, without the need to log in.

Create, print and automatically email beautifully designed reports to clearly communicate quality scores and actionable insight from across your organisation every day, week or month.

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with 100% coverage across every call, chat, email and ticket.

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