Introducing One-to-Ones & Actions from EvaluAgent


We’re super excited to formally announce the release of One-to-Ones and Actions. The latest innovation in our Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement platform and the next natural step for Contact Centres looking to have more impactful One-to-Ones with frontline teams.

Studies have shown employees who have regular One-to-Ones are 3x more likely to be engaged than their peers which is why we’re making it easier for managers than ever before, as well as providing senior leaders with complete visibility into the quality, quantity and effectiveness of these conversations on KPIs.

Introducing One to Ones and Actions By EvaluAgent

CEO, Jaime Scott explains…

One-to-Ones are one of the best ways to help agents improve their performance, yet managing them can be a challenge. Finding time, knowing what areas to focus on, and keeping records of the agreed actions isn’t easy – even for experienced managers.

To help, I’m delighted to present EvaluAgent’s One-to-Ones and Actions. A suite of integrated one-to-one coaching workflows and reports that empower teams to turn feedback and insights into performance improvement. At the same time, giving leaders complete visibility into the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of One-to-Ones.

Think advanced scheduling tools, customisable one-to-one templates, trackable actions, and so much more!

Below, we take you through the headline features (there’s a handy video at the bottom too). Or, if you’re keen to jump right in, go ahead and arrange a demo with a member of the EvaluAgent team”

Say Goodbye to Data Silos

Your QA team works around the clock scoring customer interactions to identify which agents are struggling and where.

One-to-Ones and Actions guarantees all of that data is usable and accessible, by storing it centrally.

By having this data to hand whenever they need it, your team leaders can run one-to-ones more effectively, ensuring that all coaching is based around up-to-date, relevant insights from the data you gather.

Give Team Leaders a helping hand

Your team leaders are busy people and some are brand new to management. Help them out with EvaluAgent’s scheduling and planning tools for easier one-to-ones!

Customizable meeting templates allow team leaders to focus on the conversation at hand, rather than having to spend hours preparing for each meeting. At the same time, these templates ensure that one-to-ones are conducted consistently across your contact centre, so that you know all of your agents are getting first-class advice, feedback and coaching.

Scheduling tools encourage team leaders to arrange, remind and follow up on one-to-ones with agents, so that you embed them as central to the success of your practice.

Encourage Agents to Own Their Success

For one-to-ones to be effective, your agents have to buy into their efficacy. This means reasonable conversations, space to ask questions and tangible ways to implement the improvements discussed during meetings.

Assigned actions give agents a clear path to follow at the end of the meeting, and they can refer back to the meeting at any time by logging into EvaluAgent. This encourages them to take the initiative. By completing actions and making measurable improvements to their own performance, they buy into the process more over time.

Achieve Ultimate Visibility

A major issue with one-to-one adoption across contact centres is that senior stakeholders often lack visibility into the process. And, if they can’t see any measurable benefit, promoting one-to-ones as a way to boost agent and contact centre performance becomes impossible and thus, deprioritised.

EvaluAgent’s new One to Ones and Actions feature gives unparalleled insight into performance-related conversations across the contact centre, whilst the ability to track completed actions offers a granular view of how one-to-ones and actions are driving improvements.

Keen to find out more?

If you like what you see, and think we might be able to offer something to your contact centre, why not get in touch? We love talking about all things contact centre, and are keen to find out where we can make a difference.

By Tom Palmer
Tom is EvaluAgent’s Head of Digital and takes the lead on developing and implementing our digital and content management strategies which results in creating a compelling, digital-first customer marketing experience.

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