Uncover hidden insights by digging deeper than ever before with our new KPI Performance Report


We’ve all been there. Finding yourself drowning in numerous data points that not only leave your original questions unanswered, but presents new ones along the way. Things need to change… and they are with our new KPI Performance Report.

The KPI report enables QA teams to unlock new insights, customise reports and share performance with stakeholders easier than ever before. But let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits

Uncover previously hidden insight with new data sources and more powerful filtering

By connecting multiple data sources and custom filters with Quality Performance scores you’ll be able to reveal previously missed insights and drivers of low QA scores.

Spot the where’s and why’s easier than ever before
Avoid drowning in data! Take advantage of an upgraded UI to make reports and insight easier to digest. But, if you want to export it to excel then you can…we understand that spreadsheets can be the right choice from time to time!

Share insights and performance across your organisation

Create, print-to-pdf and automatically email beautifully designed reports to clearly communicate quality scores and other performance metrics from across your organisation every day, week or month… you choose when!

Create custom reports, metrics and views in a your personal ”My KPI area”

You can create bespoke views of performance to ensure critical metrics are continually in focus and mitigate risk with new ways to view changes in results and trends.

But enough talking about why it’s so good… try out this interactive product tour to take it for a test drive.

By Tom Palmer
Tom is EvaluAgent’s Head of Digital and takes the lead on developing and implementing our digital and content management strategies which results in creating a compelling, digital-first customer marketing experience.

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