Employee Engagement: Shifting Mindsets and Managing Cultural Assassins

On Tuesday 17 January our latest webinar featured QA and Coaching Specialist, Chris Mounce, who was joined by Contact Centre veteran and founder of FAB Solutions, Garry Gormley to discuss employee engagement in the contact centre.

In this session, Garry looked at how employee engagement has shifted since Covid and how we as operational leaders have to shift our thinking and our behaviours to stop our biggest advocates in the contact centre from becoming Cultural Assassins.

We also explored the journey our teams go through in their employee lifecycle and how we can be our own worst enemy with some of our ways of working, we shared with you a model that can help you stop and think about how we engage with our team’s so we avoid this crystallising into a revolving door of high attrition, customer complaints and operational fragility.

Watch the webinar to see how you can empower our team leaders to engage our teams more effectively with the support of technology to improve productivity, confidence and happier people without resorting to doughnuts and dominos!