A virtual High-Five for recognition and positive reinforcement


Times are tough right now. You’ve resolved the technical challenges of your team working from home: laptops, work phones, systems and technology, but now there’s a new challenge… Keeping your agents motivated and recognising great performance remotely. 

One way you can do this is through positive reinforcement. Many consider positive reinforcement as the most powerful leadership tool (Daniels, 1982). Made even more effective when it’s done publicly.

A Harvard Business Review article suggested that in one study, “compliance rates rose sharply from 10% and reached almost 90% within four weeks.” When positive reinforcement was used effectively and regularly. 

But that was in a physical workplace. Now, the majority of call centres are dispersed. Remote.

Today, I wanted to share a solution for remote working teams.

This is the first feature in a series of enhancements and additions designed specifically to support remote teams. It’s a new feature that’s available on all plans. A new feature that will reinforce the right behaviours and help you recognise agents who are going above and beyond.

As the number of call centres going remote grows – several call centres are now using internal communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to keep agents engaged and connected.

At EvaluAgent we’re big users of Slack and I shared several ways in which you can use internal communication tools on our “Maintaining Service Quality Remotely” webinar series.

Both are fantastic at enabling teams to talk to another. Cooking channels, business news and shared interests are just some of the ways you can use Microsoft Teams. But how many teams are using Microsoft Teams or Slack to reinforce positive behaviours and share feedback?

In our mission for a smarter approach to quality assurance – we’ve released the first of many enhancements to help you maintain and build engagement with your team, wherever in the world they are. These features will be collectively known as “Team Engagement”

Recognition and Positive Reinforcement Through Microsoft Teams / Slack

We’re making it even easier to notify your teams when agents deliver a great experience and publicly “call it out” through the EvaluAgent + Microsoft Teams Integration. And, through the EvaluAgent + Slack Integration.

Once set up (don’t worry, it only took me 3 minutes and 15 seconds) – the integration will, at the heart of it, add extra power to our notification feature and present users with the option of sharing feedback to public and private channels via the integration. This is in addition to the current routes (email and in-app). A virtual High-Five!

How to integrate EvaluAgent with Microsoft Teams / Slack

By now, I hope to have convinced you that trying this new integration is going to be worth it. Setting up the integration couldn’t be easier. Follow the link to read our set up guide.

Not supporting your remote agents with EvaluAgent’s team engagement features yet? Find out more today and book a demo.

By Tom Palmer
Tom is EvaluAgent’s Head of Digital and takes the lead on developing and implementing our digital and content management strategies which results in creating a compelling, digital-first customer marketing experience.

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