How customers ideas can contribute to EvaluAgent’s roadmap


Understanding the wants and needs of our customers plays a crucial part in how we continue to make EvaluAgent the smartest QA and Performance Improvement platform on the market today. Over the last few years, we’ve been gathering valuable feedback and seeing how it can be implemented into our platforms so it can make working lives easier.

In just four years, we’ve completed over 235 enhancement tickets that had been voted on a total of 1280 times. That’s nearly one customer-led enhancement per week and around half of all suggestions ever sent to us!

We know that enhancement tickets are a popular way to provide feedback on the EvaluAgent system. As a result, we have a team dedicated to engaging with customer suggestions and, if the idea qualifies, building those features. So just how does an idea move from a suggestion to a fully-fledged feature? Below we’ve set out how you can see your request turn into an EvaluAgent feature:


How detailed is your suggestion? If it’s well thought out with plenty of detail, then it’s more likely to be picked up for consideration and gain support from other users. A good example of best practice to follow can be found here.


At EvaluAgent, we have a flexible platform with a growing list of integrations, Data Exporter and Open API, giving you more control over how you handle your data. With this in mind, when reviewing a suggestion, we’ll ask ourselves: “Can this suggestion be achieved within the platform currently?”. If it can, we’ll progress the suggestion.


One of the key points we check before proceeding with any idea is its popularity. When we start our review, we’ll always start from most popular to least and seek out tickets that have votes from a diverse group of users. EvaluAgent serves thousands of users across the world, each having their own unique processes and procedures for QA reporting, so when we progress a suggestion, we need to ensure it’s fitting for all users. However, this isn’t to say we won’t still take a company’s custom suggestion on board to see how it may work within EvaluAgent for all users! Just note, that the more diverse votes, the better!


Once the team has reviewed all suggestions, seen what’s popular and whether it’s achievable through our platform, we start planning it out and scheduling engineering time. That way, the suggestion turns into a reality!

So, if you have a suggestion you’d like to share, then now is the time to get your voice heard! You can either suggest a new feature here or add changes to an existing one here.

By James Stewart
James is EvaluAgent’s Lead Engineer and leads the Product Enhancements and UK team by bridging the gaps between engineering, product and realising our customer requests.

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