What is Call Center Quality Management?

Call center quality management aims to monitor, evaluate, and improve the performance of call center agents.

Maintaining excellent levels of call center quality is integral to delivering great customer service.

Some 73% of businesses with exemplary customer service outperform their competitors, and 33% to 62% switch to a competitor if they have a poor experience.

Call center management strategies focus on ensuring both compliance with regulations and high levels of customer service.

Let’s explore it in detail here.

What does call quality monitoring involve?

Monitoring calls to ensure great customer service

Call quality management places a heavy emphasis on the customer experience. As noted, customer service is a marker of business success, making it a top priority.

Monitoring calls isn’t just about listening in – it’s a multi-faceted process that aims to assess how well agents handle customer interaction.

Through evaluation and training, agents are equipped with the knowledge to help provide great service, making making customer interactions fluid, natural, and effective.

Calls are typically assessed by:

Ensuring agents follow compliance guidelines

Compliance is integral to both customer interactions and adhering to regulatory responsibilities.

Businesses are obliged to actively evaluate interactions, such as when recognizing at-risk customers in calls about gambling and gaming products.

There’s also internal compliance, where businesses ensure call agents comply with protocols about managing and directing the call.

Monitoring for compliance generally involves:

Get a fresh, third-party perspective on agent performance

Integrating third-party call center management software can elevate your quality assurance processes by removing analysis from human biases.

Third-party solutions employ advanced data analytics to offer a granular understanding of performance metrics. Crucially, this analysis is grounded in objective data rather than the human interpretations that often occur when listening directly to calls.

Leveraging a third-party tool can often prove more cost-effective in the long term by pinpointing issues that, if neglected, could lead to financial penalties or reduced customer trust.

Why is call center quality management beneficial for your business?

Improves customer experience

The quality of customer interactions is the most public-facing aspect of your company.

Calls are still the most effective path to customer query resolution, with 43% of customer issues made via calls being solved in minutes.

Effective quality management ensures each customer interaction is positive and constructive.

Excellent customer service also boosts retention, as the cost of acquiring new customers is nearly always more than retaining them. Satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat customers.

Refines business goals

Quality management is not just about immediate concerns – it’s also about aligning call center performance with business objectives.

Over time, regular monitoring and evaluations help to refine business strategies, ensuring that the call center’s performance is aligned with the company’s broader goals.

Strengthens support teams

A well-executed quality management strategy enhances your support team’s overall morale.

Consistent feedback and ongoing training programs help agents become more confident in their roles, contributing to greater employee wellbeing, reduced staff turnover, and improved customer interactions.

Improve your call center performance with evaluagent

EvaluAgent offers a comprehensive platform designed to elevate your call center quality management practices.

Real-time monitoring

EvaluAgent includes real-time monitoring features that allow you to identify and address issues as they happen.

This proactive approach ensures call quality is maintained to a high standard, even in dynamic, fast-changing industries subject to intense compliance and regulatory responsibilities.

In-depth analytics

Advanced analytical tools provide a more comprehensive understanding of agent performance and customer satisfaction, helping you make data-driven decisions.

EvaluAgent incorporates AI and machine learning, including ChatGPT, to give businesses unprecedented insight into their data.

Learning, development and coaching

EvaluAgent allows you to create and manage learning paths with quizzes and lessons to help your agents provide better service. Recommend modules in the moment, recognize progress with motivating badges and watch your agents flourish.

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