What is Omnichannel Contact Center Software?

Omnichannel contact center software is designed to meet the demands of customer expectations by providing a seamless, integrated experience across all engagement channels.

Nowadays, people demand exceptional service across email, chat, social media, phone calls, and more. In fact, some 37% of customers expect to connect to the same agents across multiple support channels.

Omnichannel software centralizes all engagement and interactions, simplifying the task of delivering excellent customer service across multiple touchpoints.

Let’s explore omnichannel contact center software in more detail.

What does ‘omnichannel software’ mean?

Omnichannel software is more than just a buzzword – it describes a paradigm shift that seeks to revolutionize how contact interact with customers.

Critically, omnichannel software integrates channels into a unified interface. This goes one step further than traditional multi-channel systems, which operate channels like email, voice, chat, and social media in silos.

The result is seamless, frictionless customer interactions that maintain consistent service regardless of the channel the customer chooses to engages with the business.

Omnichannel contact center solutions and features

Multi-channel integration

Integrating data from multiple channels into the same singular interface is fundamental to effective omnichannel software.

This enables agents to consolidate all forms of customer communication – email, voice calls, live chats, or even social media interactions – into a single, streamlined dashboard.

With all interactions housed in one interface, agents can more efficiently handle customer queries and resolve issues. Moreover, as noted, customers expect agents to have access to all relevant information, which multi-channel integration enables.

Customer history

One of the distinguishing features of omnichannel software is maintaining a comprehensive account of customer interactions.

The software pulls together records of all past interactions across every integrated channel, offering agents a 360-degree view of the customer.

This invaluable context allows agents to provide highly personalized service. They can understand the customer’s previous issues, preferences, and behaviors, eliminating the need for customers to repeat the same information – ultimately providing a better customer experience.

Routing and queuing

Advanced routing and queuing functionalities are integral to any robust omnichannel solution.

By leveraging algorithms and rules-based configurations, routing filters incoming customer queries to the most suitable agents based on the type of question and the agent’s expertise.

This reduces wait times by optimizing the match between the customer’s needs and the agent’s skills. Otherwise, there’s a chance that the customer will be routed and re-routed multiple times, prolonging their wait times.

Real-time monitoring

High-end omnichannel platforms come equipped with powerful analytics tools and real-time monitoring capabilities.

This allows managers and supervisors to track real-time performance metrics, from agent efficiency and customer satisfaction rates to call handling times and resolution success rates.

Real-time analytics empowers managers to make swift, data-driven decisions and intervene proactively when issues are identified.


Automation has become integral to top-performing call centers.

Intelligent automation can manage routine tasks, such as categorizing and routing incoming emails, auto-responding to frequently asked questions, and gathering customer data.

By automating repetitive activities, agents are freed up to focus on more complex and nuanced customer interactions, enabling them to add more value to the customer experience.


As your business evolves, your customer service software must evolve with it. One of the standout advantages of omnichannel solutions is their scalability.

Designed to be flexible, these platforms can quickly adapt to varying volumes of customer interactions. Moreover, you can connect channels to the platform as the business grows and changes.

This adaptability ensures your investment is future-proof, providing a solid foundation for modern customer service operations.

Enhanced customer service

By consolidating multiple communication channels into a single platform and equipping agents with features to enhance personalization, omnichannel software boosts the quality of customer service.

Surveys suggest that those with strong omnichannel performance retains some 89% of their customers compared to 33% for those with weak omnichannel strategies.

It grants customers the freedom to choose their preferred mode of interaction – voice, chat, email, or social media – while assuring them of consistent, top-notch service across channels.

Never miss an opportunity with omnichannel support

The integrated nature of omnichannel support ensures that no customer touchpoint is ignored.

Every interaction, whether a sales query through a live chat or a service request sent via email, is captured and processed through the unified system.

This level of integration ensures that customers feel supported, transforming every engagement into a potential opportunity for customer satisfaction and business growth.

Omnichannel contact center software from evaluagent

EvaluAgent offers a dynamic omnichannel contact center solution. It equips you with the tools to deliver exceptional customer service while providing analytics to monitor and enhance performance.

With features like multi-channel integration, real-time monitoring, and automation, EvaluAgent is a comprehensive platform that meets modern customer expectations – making it easier than ever to provide a customer service experience that stands out.

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