Product Updates 2022: Annual Round up

Welcome to EvaluAgent’s 2022 annual product update blog!

It feels like 2022 just flew by! Our product team has grown significantly in size to better support our customers and has been working hard to deliver numerous updates and releases. If you missed any of them, don’t worry – we’re here to highlight some of our key product updates and share them with you.

This year, we have focused on making our platform even more user-friendly and efficient, while also adding new integrations, tools and capabilities to help our users better manage and evaluate their customer service teams. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of the key updates and enhancements we have made to our platform in 2022. We hope you find these updates valuable and look forward to continuing to improve our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Let’s dive in and take look!

Auto-QA every conversation

In Q2 of 2022, we launched our biggest product to date: Auto-QA. This product allows our users to automate compliance checks and evaluate every call, chat, and ticket against their own measures of success using the power of EvaluAgent and artificial intelligence combined.

Auto-QA offers 100% coverage of customer conversations, providing insights and analysis that manual QA cannot match. This helps contact centers improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver consistently great customer experiences. It also automates compliance checks and evaluations to mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Overall, Auto-QA helps contact centers improve their operations and serve their customers better.

Increase compliance with Redaction

On a mission to improve compliance and conversation security even further, we launched Advanced Redaction in our platform. This means evaluators have access to the relevant data they need for evaluations, and sensitive/customer data is removed from transcripts and tickets without sacrificing context. We offer 100s of redaction rules, including postcodes, dates of birth, and credit card details. Rules are tailored geographically, including social security numbers and European driving licenses. You can also set up and test your own redaction rules in the platform.

No more searching for a needle in a haystack with Conversation Search

Conversation Search allows you to search the content of conversations for specific keywords or phrases. This brings several benefits to your QA program, such as making evaluations less random and helping you find extreme conversations faster. You can use filters to prioritize evaluations, search for example phrases like “I want to speak to a manager” or “I want to make a complaint,” and preview conversations on the imported contacts screen before handing them over to an evaluator. This can help you understand customer dissatisfaction, praise agents for excellent customer service, and save interactions as best practice examples. It also allows you to locate conversations that mention competitors, vulnerability, or repeat contact.

EvaluAgent meets NiceReply

Back in March, we integrated with NiceReply to close the loop between Quality Assurance and Customer Feedback. Nicereply is a customer satisfaction survey tool built for customer support teams. The EvaluAgent & Nicereply integration allows users to evaluate the right conversation with the right measures of success, view customer feedback and survey scores across customer service and sales teams, elevate the reputation of quality assurance and training, gain a 360° view of individual performance with the Agent Heat map, and use QA and customer feedback in one-to-ones. The integration also unlocks actionable insight into the voice of customers and their experiences, making it easier to identify development opportunities and justify the need for offline time and training. This can help improve QA processes and enhance the role of quality teams within an organization.

Recognize & Reward Agents with Badges

EvaluAgent has introduced a new Badges feature to recognize and reward great performance. The feature was developed based on user feedback and allows managers to award badges to agents who go above and beyond expectations. In addition to a 100% evaluation pass mark, badges can help to promote a culture of recognition and appreciation within organizations. This can increase employee motivation and give agents a greater sense of ownership over their performance, leading to improved engagement, lower staff attrition and recruitment costs, and better service levels.

Any more?

That’s just a brief overview of some of the products, features and enhancements we have made available to EvaluAgent users. In addition, we have also continued to speed things up, optimizing the platform and improving load times. We have made updates and enhancements to several reports giving you more insight such as: Grouped Line-Item Reporting, Stepped Line-Item Reporting, Root Cause Reporting a new statistic in the Calibration report and even the ability to clean up your reports by hiding inactive agents.

To help you increase productivity, we have added several small but powerful enhancements to EvaluAgent. For example, you can now use the Next Contact to Evaluate Button and assign multiple agents to an evaluator and even assign actions such as an LMS course to a group of agents. We have also improved the Audio Player, making calls faster to evaluate. These enhancements make it easier for you to manage your workload. 

What’s next?

We have more exciting things coming up in 2023, including new integrations to streamline your quality and improvement processes and provide more insights. We will also be focusing on employee engagement and developing new products and tools to increase agent satisfaction and reduce attrition. These updates will help you reach new levels of efficiency and keep your agents happy and committed.

Stay tuned for our Quarterly Product Updates and consider joining our User Research program to provide feedback and opinions on upcoming product launches and the roadmap. You can also contribute to the roadmap for 2023 by upvoting and posting your ideas on Canny. By getting involved, you can help shape the future of our products and services.

We hope you enjoyed reading through this summary of our product highlights, and we wish you a happy and successful year ahead.

See you in the New Year!

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