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More knowledgeable agents lead to a better customer experience. EvaluAgent LMS makes training new and existing sales and customer service agents easier than ever before.

EvaluAgent LMS
  • Onboard agents faster

    Help new employees get ready to speak to customers and prospects faster and to a higher standard.

  • Manage compliance

    Easily manage compliance requirements with trackable completion and expiry dates and learning certificates.

  • Demonstrate business impact

    Motivate learners and excite your business by reporting trainings impact on business-level KPIs.

  • Reduce training costs

    Automate workflows and deliver effective training digitally to reduce classroom and trainer costs.

EvaluAgent LMS

If you’re thinking, “How do we better connect training with operational support activities such as Quality Assurance, feedback and coaching?”, then EvaluAgent LMS is the tool for you. 

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What are SmartTriggers?

Because EvaluAgent is an all-in-one platform, it can use data from QA evaluations to automatically enroll agents on training courses relevant to their needs. How does this work? Let’s look at a quick example. Let’s say that you recently updated a key product of yours and that you wanted to ensure your agents had retained the knowledge from their initial training and were providing the right info to customers.

You could create a targeted eLearning lesson on the topic. Then, you could set the system up to auto-enroll all agents who fail a given line on their evaluations multiple times onto this course. This ensures that training is targeted where it’s needed most. Agents get personalized, skills-based training rather than sitting through generic courses that aren’t relevant to their professional development.

The system is set up on the screen below to auto-enroll everyone who fails the “was all the information given to the customer” criteria three times in a row. 

How does EvaluAgent LMS improve my agent’s onboarding experience?

According to research by Glassdoor, organizations with a great onboarding experience improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%. Getting this right will reduce staff attrition, which is something contact centers have struggled with traditionally. It’s reported that the annual rate of contact center employee turnover is 26% – considerably more than the national average of 15%.

No one likes to complete onboarding journeys entirely virtually. To make an employee feel welcome, you will need to do some things in person – or at least over video chat, if you’re committing to working remotely long term. That said, your team leaders have a lot on their plate. It’s pointless to add basic onboarding tasks like fire safety briefing or basic software tutorials to their list because there’s a fair chance they won’t get round to it – and all that contact time can make new hires feel overwhelmed too.

Ease the burden on both parties by identifying basic administrative processes that fall outside your team leaders’ core competencies. Run these as compulsory eLearning modules with a completion deadline to ensure your agents get access to the basic information they need to start strong. Additionally, by having more insight into the performance of new agents as they progress through their initial onboarding, their strengths and weaknesses can be easily handed over to their new Team Leader. For team leaders, this is amazing because they can better understand their new team members straight away and coach accordingly.

This speeds up RAMP time and reduces the impact of new agents joining a team. 

How can I move from my existing eLearning platform to EvaluAgent?

Transitioning to EvaluAgent LMS is simple. We have the ability to digest any SCORM-compliant file so you can migrate with ease and import any existing training material created elsewhere. 

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