eLearning (LMS)

Train agents better and faster

More knowledgeable agents lead to a better customer experience. EvaluAgent LMS makes training new and existing sales and customer service agents easier than ever before.

EvaluAgent LMS
  • Onboard agents faster

    Help new employees be ready to speak to customers and prospects faster and to a higher standard.

  • Manage compliance

    Easily manage compliance requirements with trackable completion and expiry dates and learning certificates.

  • Demonstrate business impact

    Motivate learners and excite your business by reporting trainings impact on business-level KPIs.

  • Reduce training costs

    Automate workflows and deliver effective training digitally to reduce classroom and trainer costs.

EvaluAgent LMS

If you’re thinking, “How do we better connect training with operational support activities such as Quality Assurance, feedback and coaching?”, then EvaluAgent LMS is the tool for you. 

Call Center Quality Assurance

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