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  • Evaluate agents across every channel.
  • Create an unlimited number of scorecards via an easy to use “scorecard builder”.
  • Real-time performance dashboards and data exporting.
  • Extensive customisation via an intuitive admin panel.
  • In-App tutorials, helpdesk and community support.

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Need more agents or additional features? Evaluating more than 50 agents or need more features to help you further improve employee engagement and customer experience. Build your own plan. No long-term commitments or eye-watering prices.

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Common Questions

There’s no such thing as a bad question. Below you’ll find answers to ones that are frequently asked. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.
Is EvaluAgent GDPR compliant?

100% yes, we maintain a series of best-in-class security measures to ensure compliance with data-handling regulations including GDPR.

Is EvaluAgent really free to use?
Absolutely. Having struggled with poorly designed software and spreadsheets in the past, we wanted to do something about it. If you’re evaluating under 50 agents, it’s completely free to get started.
What if I want to change my plan?
No problem. All of our pricing is based on short term commitments. This gives you the option to change the number of agents or features as and when you wish.
How easy is EvaluAgent to implement?
Quick and easy. EvaluAgent is a cloud-based platform that requires no assistance from your IT team. Simply create an account and log-in from anywhere in the world.
Do you integrate with other systems?
Not yet, but it’s something we’re actively working towards. In fact – you can check our progress to date on our public-facing product roadmap!
What do you mean by system access?
This means anyone who has their own username and password to the EvaluAgent platform. This includes Quality Analysts who may be evaluating a contact or team leaders who may be reviewing the performance of their team. To deliver real-time feedback and maximum ROI – we recommend you purchase system access for your agents too.

We're delivering an ROI for thousands of users

Trusted by Contact Centres of all shapes and size, EvaluAgent has been built by Contact Centre experts with over 50 years of industry experience.

Trusted by contact centres of all sizes

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