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Whether you are at the start of your QA journey or looking to take it to the next level, we have the plan for you.

Perfect for organisations looking to increase coverage, automate manual process and evaluate more efficiently than ever before.
Scorecard Builder
Side-by-side Evaluation Mode
Real-time Feedback & Mentions
Automated Work-Queues (AWQ)
Case Evaluation & Reporting
Conversation Search
Advanced Reporting & Analysis
Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited Call Storage*
*Also available as a standalone solution
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*14 Day Free Trial
Get the power and ease-of-use that EvaluAgent is known for, but delivered in a customised way that supports the higher levels of need and control that typically a larger contact centre needs.
We’ll help you:
Get the best out of our full AI Powered Conversation Analytics features
Advise on optimised Quality Management solutions for larger number of agents
Dedicated Account Support to ensure you are constantly getting the best out of the EvaluAgent platform
*Flexible commercial structures available
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