Quality Assurance Software From Evaluagent

Contact centre Quality Assurance and improvement platform, designed to enhance agent performance and build customer loyalty. 

Save time with evaluations and gain 100% coverage across every voice and text-based conversation.

It’s easy to get started with a live product demo and assisted setup.

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Why Evaluagent?

  • Know your business better with 100% conversation coverage across your contact centre.
  • Increase customer loyalty by ensuring that every conversation is evaluated.
  • Improve customer retention by identifying vulnerable conversations.
  • Continually improve agent performance by easily identifying areas for development.
  • Maximise revenue and minimise risk by ensuring call centre compliance with easy to create scorecards.
  • Save time with automatic conversation evaluations using artificial intelligence.
  • Empower your agents with live feedback and bespoke coaching plans to improve performance.
  • Trust that you’ll receive best in class customer support, knowing that customer service is at the heart of our business, as it is in yours.
  • Integrate with tools such as Zendesk, Puzzel, SalesForce and more!

Book a full product demo to start a conversation about how you can:

  • Evaluate every conversation in a matter of seconds
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention 
  • Deliver bespoke agent training
  • Save time and money while maximising revenue in your call centre
  • Find out about how you could use AI to auto-score every conversation
  • Start a fully supported free trial of Evaluagent to see the power of the product for yourself
  • Invite as many team members as you want to your live demo, and have your questions answered