Introducing Nicereply for EvaluAgent- Closing the loop between Quality Assurance and Customer Feedback


We know how important internal quality scoring is for the modern call centre, in fact we’re experts, but we also know the most effective QA teams constantly evolve their measures of success based on Customer Feedback too. So, what if you could combine your existing survey solution seamlessly with Evaluagent? 
Well, we have the answer.. Ta da!

Introducing EvaluAgent + NiceReply 

Our newest integration accelerates your Quality Assurance (QA) programme by showing customer feedback and internal quality scores in one view. Integrated Surveys from EvaluAgent unlocks new insights to help you prioritise evaluations, demonstrate the impact of QA and improve agent performance from one environment. 

Who is Nicereply? 

Nicereply is one of the world’s most popular customer satisfaction survey tools built for customer support teams. With Nicereply surveys you can measure customer satisfaction, customer effort, and customer loyalty. Nicereply allows you to set up surveys in minutes, customize them to fit your needs, and measure customer satisfaction when it makes sense to you. 

How will the EvaluAgent & Nicereply Integration enhance and improve my QA processes? 

How won’t it enhance QA processes more like! Our one-click integration will not only save you time but also allow you to… 

Evaluate the right conversation, with the right measures of success Filtering-by-survey-responses---EvaluAgent-Surveys

Become smarter about the conversations you want to evaluate. Advanced filtering enables you to prioritise interventions based on customer responses to individual survey questions, whilst automated work-queues enable you to make sure every conversation with extreme customer feedback gets evaluated for greater peace of mind and a more rigorous approach to QA.

View customer feedback and survey scores across your customer service and sales teams 

Unlock and easily export actionable insight into the voice of your customers, their experience, and frustrations across your entire organisation. Broken down across departments, teams, agents and surveys, it’s never been easier to identify development opportunities. 

Elevate the reputation of Quality Assurance and Training

Demonstrate the correlation between high quality scores and high CSAT/NPS scores without the need for spreadsheets or data analysts. Armed with data, discussions with decision makers to justify the need for offline time and training becomes easier elevating the role of Quality teams inside your business. 

Gain a 360°view of individual performance with the Agent Heat map 

Take a more rounded view of your Agent performance, feedback and customer service coaching needs by viewing individual pieces of customer feedback alongside evaluation results and previous coaching sessions. With greater clarity on how customers are being treated by front-line teams, you’ll have everything you need to help agents flourish.

Use QA and Customer Feedback within your One-to-Ones 

Save time and avoid the hassle of uploading customer feedback from external data sources in preparation for an Agents One-to-One. Select from evaluation outcomes, individual line items, overall survey results or individual pieces of customer feedback as the focus of your One-to-One making session easier to manage and more productive for everyone involved.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. 

Still not convinced. See for yourself with our self-service product tour here. 

In this interactive tour we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to integrate your survey data and highlight some of the superpowers it unlocks; from smarter selections to demonstrating the correlation between QA scores and CSAT. 

Already an Evaluagent and Nicereply customer, great! Reach out to your customer success manager to activate the integration on your plan at no additional charge. 

By Tom Palmer
Tom is EvaluAgent’s Head of Digital and takes the lead on developing and implementing our digital and content management strategies which results in creating a compelling, digital-first customer marketing experience.

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