eevaluagent recognized as a QA platform of choice, earning 17 badges in G2 summer report

4th July 2024

evaluagent, a leading provider of automated insight, quality assurance and performance improvement software, is delighted to share its achievement of 17 G2 badges in the Summer 2024 report. These badges cement evaluagent’s position as a platform of choice for businesses across the UK, Europe, and the Americas. 

Building on the previous quarter, evaluagent continues to be recognized as ‘Easiest to do business with’ for enterprise-level companies. On top of being a ‘Leader’ and ‘High Performer’ for Contact Center Quality Assurance across the UK, EMEA and Americas, evaluagent is also a ‘High Performer’ for Speech Analytics and Conversation Intelligence. Combined with the ‘Users Love Us’ badge, these accolades demonstrate evaluagent’s ability to bring easy-to-use, valuable features to contact centers across the globe. 

Nadine Edmondson, Director of Product Marketing and GTM at evaluagent, said of the recognition: “It’s great to see evaluagent build on last quarter, adding a further four badges. The team have been working hard to bring market-leading product innovations to the platform, so it’s great to see the impact of this work reflected not just in badges, but the real customer data that informs the rankings.” 

What are the G2 reports? 

G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, awards badges to companies based on verified customer reviews and user satisfaction ratings. Each quarter, G2 compiles data from advanced algorithms and user reviews to highlight the performance of key software providers in the market.  

It’s fantastic for evaluagent to be recognized with 17 badges across categories Quality Assurance, Conversation Intelligence and Speech Analytics, illustrating our dedication to providing a platform that helps contact centers truly enhance their employee and customer experiences. 

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