One-to-Ones & Actions

Use data-rich insights on agent performance to trigger, schedule, manage and record all HR-related 1-to-1 meetings and actions in one place.

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  • Intervene where necessary

    Trigger a meeting on the back of an extreme evaluation or a downward trend identified from one of EvaluAgent’s reports. Alternatively, upload an external report as the focus of a meeting.

  • Use meeting templates that best suit you

    Access our library of meeting templates to help get you started or easily build your own agendas to help ensure that One-to-Ones are managed consistently across the business.

  • Assign and track actions

    Make every One-to-One actionable with prompts to ensure follow-ups are captured and reviewed in the next session. With everything stored in one place, it’s easy to report and track actions.

  • Stay organised

    Schedule, conduct, record and track every One-to-One across the whole organisation in one place. Nothing gets lost, everyone feels supported and HR teams have what they need too.

  • Engage everyone

    Integrate EvaluAgent with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing software to accommodate remote meetings. Inspire a culture of open communication where meeting participants are empowered to acknowledge meeting notes and actions.

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Support colleagues and the business with action-focused 1-to-1 meetings

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With our previous system, we found ourselves having to provide the same feedback again and again. Now EvaluAgent is helping us to improve

Mireille Diouf

Support Lead at Newstel GmbH