Call Centre Quality Assurance Software

Call Centre Quality Assurance Software From Evaluagent

Move away from spreadsheets, data silos and time-consuming admin. EvaluAgent gets you to the root cause faster.

Connect your Quality to Coaching & eLearning to deliver a truly connected QA process with emphasis on Agent development.

The most connected, automated call centre quality assurance software & improvement platform​

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    Depth of Focus

    A platform purposely built for providing Smart Quality in the Contact Centre.

  • automate QA

    100% Coverage

    Augment existing QA processes with thousands more evaluations automatically on every channel.

  • Scale Ready

    Streamline workflows and documentation to increase efficiency.

  • Real Insight

    Evidence interventions, and demonstrate QA + Coaching working together.

EvaluAgent is the High Performer in automated call centre quality assurance software

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  • A fully scalable solution that grows with you.
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