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The QHotels Collection is a four-star hotel brand, coveted for its excellent spas, quality golf courses and conference facilities.

Its 30-strong team of agents takes the pressure away from the hotels themselves, allowing front desk staff to focus on delivering great service for guests. The key goal of the contact center is to carry that reputation into their call interactions – but with over 20 hotels across the UK, peak seasons and high demand, the business needed a tool to reduce QA headaches. We had just the solution.


Drew Jardine, Quality and Service Manager, joined The QHotels Collection and quickly realized how he and the team would benefit from a system that didn’t involve complicated spreadsheets, where one error could throw everything into disarray.

Drew stresses how for modern-day contact centers, information and data is so important: “One of the challenges was not only were spreadsheets complicated and long winded, they’re also vulnerable to things going wrong.”

Having carried out some research, Drew encountered evaluagent: “I just thought, this is a bunch of people like me, who did that job for a period of time and thought ‘There’s got to be a better way to do this’. I looked at evaluagent and thought, ‘Wow, that’s exactly what I want.’”

Implementation and benefits

The QHotels Collection was looking for a platform they could start using quickly, and after a demo and trial, evaluagent was in place.

Getting his team up and running has been a positive experience too. “New starters are really impressed by the control they have,” says Drew, and he notes how his team feel empowered to manage themselves. “They can look at their scores, interact with them, and enjoy full transparency. They can see where they could improve, even without a conversation with a Team Leader.”

On top of the accessibility, evaluagent’s built-in HR rigor has also been helpful for Drew, “The 1-2-1 functionality is really useful, and the paper trail is so helpful for HR. It prevents anything from being lost, reduces my admin and even the acknowledgement functionality helps.”

He’s also been impressed by evaluagent’s own customer service. “Everybody I’ve spoken to at evaluagent has been easy to deal with. In the last five years we’ve worked together, I can only recall one day where we encountered an issue and it was resolved quickly. Compared to our other systems, that’s unheard of. This is something that works, is useful and helps us get the results that we want.”

The future

The QHotels Collection contact center enjoys low attrition rates of just 15%, and it’s not hard to see why. Drew explains “Once you make stats accessible and coaching easy, it’s easier to do your actual job and really focus on the human side. What I can say for certain is that using this system has made it much easier for us to make those improvements.”

Drew also notes how evaluagent helps support their culture of recognition and reward: “If people feel that their day’s work is appreciated and has contributed to an overall goal, that generally makes people happy – and that is greatly helped by evaluagent. It’s zero headache, maximum positivity.”

Of the future, Drew sees lots of potential in evaluagent’s Community features to take his team engagement even further. From bringing fun into work with gamification to crowdsourcing ideas with Suggestion Box, we can’t wait to see what QHotels does next.

Once you make stats accessible and coaching easy, it’s easier to do your actual job and really focus on the human side. Using evaluagent has made it much easier for us.

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