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Blume is a customer acquisition company, helping their clients build sustainable and scalable businesses. With the intelligent use of marketing, data and customer engagement, they help their clients in the UK legal sector grow.

But their tech stack was lacking the sophistication required to support their ambitious growth plans. They needed a visual, data-driven QA platform to help them drive meaningful improvements for their agents and business – and that’s where evaluagent comes in.


Blume were using spreadsheets and note-taking software to carry out their QA – something Quality Assurance Manager Holly Harrison acknowledges as a bit of a juxtaposition to their otherwise forward-thinking offering: “For being a data-driven company, it wasn’t very technical! It was a bit basic, and it wasn’t engaging for the agents at all.”

Only marking around 20% of their calls, Blume knew there was a large gap in their understanding of client journeys. Not only that, but spreadsheets made it difficult to glean much in the way of meaningful insights. With their business goals in mind, they knew they could no longer afford to miss out. It was time for something that ticked all their boxes: great data, enhanced agent engagement, and compliance.

Why choose evaluagent?

“When we met with evaluagent and we saw what products they had to offer, for us as a business it just made sense,” says Holly.

Up against five other platforms, Blume decided on evaluagent thanks to our platform’s unique ability to deliver insights that connect data with agent development. Going beyond dashboards and reporting, agent engagement is the heart of evaluagent – that’s thanks to the experience of our founding team, who all come from a contact center background and understand the day-to-day challenges.

Holly says: “Having been an agent myself, I know it can be disheartening to have things you’ve done wrong pointed out to you, so having an accessible, visual platform to facilitate it is great”.

Integration and compliance also placed high on Holly’s list of must-haves. Being able to integrate with software Blume was already using while having all client records in one place made her decision an easy one.

“We always said we wanted to be more efficient, more streamlined. Now we have that data to show agents and people within the company, QA just looks better. We can’t find trends in spreadsheets. With evaluagent going forward, it’s going to be so much easier!”

Early results

3 months into using evaluagent, the results have been fantastic. Holly really values how easy it is having everything in one place, streamlining processes and seeing massive benefits – including a 50% jump in 1-2-1s!

This visibility has empowered agents too, who can follow up on their meetings, see their data and get motivated by collecting badges and achievements. In fact, Blume have experienced 100% agent retention from their latest two cohorts – something previously unheard of!

Best of all, the customer experience has notably improved. Since onboarding evaluagent, Blume’s TrustPilot score has increased from 4.4 to 4.6, with ‘Excellent’ ratings increasing from 64% to 84%.

We’re delighted to be part of Blume’s journey to better QA, and can’t wait to see what else evaluagent can help them achieve.

evaluagent is a great platform for agents and managers to use. I love the compliance side, and it’s seamless and engaging for everybody.

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