Make every interaction count with 100% analytics

What if you realized your contact center only analyzed 2% of customer interactions? You’d be rightly alarmed at the scale of those missed opportunities.

Yet that’s the reality for most firms according to new research. The remaining 98% of conversations represent a goldmine of untapped customer intelligence.

A sea of untapped information

How much do you really know about your customers’ experiences? If you’re only analyzing a sample of interactions, the answer is probably: not enough.

Our  research in partnership with ContactBabel reveals most contact centers capture just a fraction of the intelligence held in customer communications. Yet the firms leading their industries analyze 100% of interactions.

Across phone, email, chat, messaging and social, the average US contact center only surveys 2% of interactions for quality purposes. In the UK, it’s around 4-5%.

The remaining sea of customer conversations represents missed opportunities. Here lies everything from complaints revealing process breakdowns, to moments of emotional engagement that build loyalty.

By analyzing more interactions, you achieve more operational benefits such as:

But far beyond efficiency gains lies game-changing business insight. Our latest white paper reveals why voice still reigns as king of customer satisfaction, and describe how firms analyzing 100% of interactions can:

Customer intelligence drives growth

By analyzing 100% of interactions, industry leaders uncover game-changing insights across phone, email, chat, messaging and social. From eliminating pain points to identifying emotional triggers that build loyalty, they gain a complete view of the customer experience.

Armed with this intelligence, leaders can transform customer experience, eliminating pain points and strengthening emotional connections. The result? Higher lifetime value, repeat business, referrals and revenue growth.

But achieving 100% analysis at scale presents technical challenges. Advanced analytics and AI solutions are required, seamlessly integrating with existing systems.

The prize for overcoming these hurdles is immense. As one Fortune 500 insurance firm stated, “We moved from random sampling to 100% analytics, now we cannot imagine operating without these customer insights.”

Still unsure of your true CX metrics?

Making every conversation count means higher efficiency, smarter operations, and growth through customer intelligence. Get the ‘Voice: its place in a multichannel world’ white paper free to learn more and start your journey towards 100% interaction analytics.