Agent Engagement Summit 2023: Meet our keynote speakers 


In less than two weeks, an array of CX and EX specialists will join together to share their expertise on agent empowerment at evaluagent’s Agent Engagement Summit. From gamification, to the leaps and bounds in AI, to improving the employee experience, the event’s keynotes are shaping up to be jam-packed with insights and tangible takeaways to action in your business. 

Learn more about the keynote speakers and topics below – and don’t forget to register your free place ahead of 4th October!  

This event has now passed – watch on demand below:

Prioritize CX agent experience to maximize performance and minimize attrition 

14:15 – 14:45 | Peter Ryan, Principal Analyst, Ryan Strategic Advisory

Kicking off the event is one of the world’s leading experts in customer experience and business process outsourcing. Peter Ryan has advised an array of businesses and governments on everything from service delivery and technology best practices to market penetration and offshore positioning. 

Peter’s keynote will provide actionable advice, tips and tricks to help tackle one of the most prevalent problems facing contact centers: high attrition and staff turnover. The secret? Make agent empowerment a core focus. How? You’ll have to attend the Summit to find out. 

Level up your end-customer experience with agent gamification: The power of play in customer service 

15:15 – 15:45 | Katie Stabler, Founder of CULTIVATE

Having spent a decade in experience design, Katie is a customer experience specialist and published author passionate about facilitating great customer experiences through the marriage of data, design and culture. Katie’s work sits right at the intersection between customer psychology and nailing the basics – positioning her perfectly to give this talk on gamification. 

You’ll learn all about how the power of play can not only unlock more potential from your agents, but a better customer experience too. Discover how you connect the two in this unmissable talk.  

Generative AI and its place in the contact center 

15:45 – 16:15 | James Marscheider, Chief Commercial Officer, EvaluAgent

With 20 years’ experience in marketing, James has spent more than half his career in roles that help contact center professionals improve performance and productivity with brilliant tech. His career has seen him navigate an array of disruptive technologies, with the latest arrival being AI. 

James will be talking about 2023’s hot topic – but what is AI? And what does it mean for the future of the contact center? Using commissioned research from ContactBabel, James will explain the benefits AI is set to bring and discuss why agents need not fear replacement. In fact, with AI as a force for good, the future looks very bright indeed. 

Team Leaders share what their agents need 

17:15 – 17:45 | Martin Teasdale, Get Out Of Wrap Podcast

An agent and team leader himself for many years, Martin has intimate knowledge of the peaks and pitfalls of working in contact centers. Now the Founder and Host of the Team Leader Community, Martin will be sharing invaluable knowledge straight from the frontlines – unfiltered, raw feedback from agents.  

Closing out the event, this no-holds-barred talk promises to give you a greater appreciation for how individual agents are experiencing today’s contact centers and how to get the best from them. 

Enjoy these keynotes alongside lively a panel discussion and expert-led breakout sessions at our virtual Agent Engagement Summit on 4th October 2023.