Master Quality Assurance across digital channels with AI

Face it, you’re just like the rest of us. Drowning in digital interactions. Emails, chats, social posts – customer conversations are exploding across channels. But is your QA keeping up? You’re not alone if you said “no”. 

Call centers once focused heavily on voice interactions, but today’s multi-channel customer service landscape is much more complex. Email, live chat, SMS, social media – today’s customers engage across more digital touchpoints than ever before. 

In the US, 64% of inbound interactions occur over the voice channel, with email at 17% and web chat over 8%. This cultural shift has seen many companies struggling to consistently deliver high-quality experiences across channels, with random digital sampling leaving poor experiences undetected. You need quality assurance across the board to save your organisation from costly errors, and though this may seem unattainable, AI is here to help. 

How AI can bring positive changes to contact centers 

According to recent research from ContactBabel, 96% of UK and 87% of US contact centers agree that AI will be integral to future operations. AI has unique capabilities to analyse customer interactions, identify issues, and improve quality assurance (QA) across digital and voice channels.

Intelligent QA tools can review 100% of digital conversations, rather than just small sample sets. This allows for continuous, automated assessment, freeing up QA staff to focus on the most critical interactions. AI can benchmark performance over time, enabling targeted agent coaching and training. Granular analysis of conversational content and structure provides insights impossible to gain manually.

In the UK, the use of full automation in web chats has grown from 19% in 2015 to 35% in 2022. As a result, the cost of web chats compared to voice calls has dropped from 75% to 51%. With AI, consistently stellar CX is possible, even as interactions get more complex.

By determining the root causes behind poor digital CX, QA teams can fix systemic issues proactively. AI takes the guesswork out of prioritising improvements. It also facilitates apples-to-apples comparisons between channels by applying consistent evaluation frameworks. This levels the playing field for voice, email, chat, and more.

Crucially, AI augments human agents rather than replacing them. The automated identification of repeat call drivers helps advisors better assist customers. AI efficiency combines with human judgement to produce superior outcomes.

AI adoption does not require massive investments or lengthy deployments. Thoughtfully implemented, it reduces costs and boosts CX quickly. Omni-channel bots can handle common enquiries, empowering agents to resolve more complex issues. With AI-enabled QA, stellar digital experiences are attainable on a broad scale.

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