How does our free trial work?

Put simply, our trial is completely free. There's no need for any billing details and you won't be charged should you not wish to continue using EvaluAgent.
Are there any limitations with the trial?

No. You can use all of our features (equivalent to our Scale plan) free for the duration of the trial with no credit card, billing or payment details required. Just sign up and start evaluating. 

Can i extend my trial?

If you need more time to consider EvaluAgent, please talk to your customer success manager who will be able to assess your extension request. 

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can upgrade your account to a paid plan to keep enjoying EvaluAgent with the data you've already generated or start from scratch. If you allow your trial to expire and don’t contact us, access to your account will be paused and any data securely deleted.

Can multiple people in my team try EvaluAgent together?

Absolutely. During the trial you can invite as many people as you'd like to try EvaluAgent. Simply select 'Add Users' from within the Admin panel.