How the AI-human partnership drives contact center success

Remember when we feared that AI would kick all hardworking humans to the curb? The apocalyptic vision of robot overlords rendering us all jobless? Well, hold on to your headsets, because the robot revolution inside contact centers is looking rather different. 

Instead of plotting their demise, AI has been busy making agents’ lives easier and their customers happier. And opinions are changing fast to reflect this reality.

Recent findings from ContactBabel have unveiled a seismic shift in perceptions. In 2022, only 11% of respondents in the UK and 26% in the US believed AI was out to replace agents. This is a significant drop from 2017 when 35% and 60%, respectively, thought AI would be the end of human agents. 

So, what’s causing this remarkable change in perspective? It all boils down to experience – with more agents than ever seeing first-hand the fruits of AI’s supportive role.

Rather than wholesale replacement of humans, AI is increasingly being used to assist and empower agents across voice and digital channels. The unanimous consensus from the ContactBabel survey was that AI will support human agents, not supersedethem. AI solutions can reduce risk, accelerate responses, and improve resolution quality.

So how exactly is AI augmenting human capabilities in the contact center? Here are our top 5:

  1. Knowledge boost: AI chatbots and virtual assistants can now serve agents with real-time customer data, suggested responses, and answers to those recurring questions during live calls. It’s like having an encyclopaedic assistant by your side, ready to provide the right answers in an instant.
  2. Efficiency overhaul: Thanks to voice recognition, natural language processing, and automation, agents can now wave goodbye to many administrative tasks. AI swoops in to handle the mundane stuff, leaving humans free to tackle complex issues that demand their expertise.
  3. Compliance & quality insights: AI tools analyse interactions at lightning speed, pinpointing compliance issues and unearthing areas for improvement through automated transcription, tagging, and analysis of entire call volumes. It’s like having a secret agent watching over every conversation.
  4. Elevating customer experiences: With AI taking care of the routine queries, agents can focus on what truly matters – building strong connections with customers, resolving issues comprehensively, and delivering a personalised touch. It’s a recipe for heightened customer satisfaction levels.
  5. Data-Driven Brilliance: AI dives deep into the sea of data and interactions, surfacing trends, risks, and insights that might have gone unnoticed by humans. This empowers smarter, faster, data-driven decision-making.

Contact centers are shedding their doomsday mentality and embracing AI as a ’digital colleague’ – a partner that amplifies human knowledge, efficiency, and effectiveness. AI handles repetitive tasks, while humans apply their relationship-building skills and emotional intelligence to delight customers.

The future isn’t about humans versus machines. It’s about an AI-human partnership with each playing to their strength; AI automating routine queries, and agents providing empathy and expertise for complex issues.

This symbiotic approach unlocks so much potential for productivity. AI optimises repetitive tasks as an untiring assistant, while agents are free to focus on building meaningful customer connections. Together, they deliver swift, satisfying experiences.

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