Evaluate, coach and engage your customer service and sales teams to higher levels of performance.

Ditch the spreadsheets!

Up to 70% of teams are relying on spreadsheets to manage their quality and coaching. But now there's a better way...

EvaluAgent is a cloud-based quality and improvement platform that enables you to score customer-interactions, produce detailed reports, and quickly highlight opportunities for improvement; in record time and all in one place.

EvaluAgent Reviews

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'Much better than our previous system.'


Jane McDonnell
Contact Centre Trainer at DSB.NET



'A great addition to our Quality Assurance program'


Karine Teixera
Customer Service Manager at Digital Ventures



'Does exactly what it says on the tin'


Darren Shelley
Head of Customer Transactions at YGH



'EvaluAgent has made our managers lives so much easier.'


Rachael Jones
CSC Trainer at Network Homes



'EvaluAgent are willing to go above and beyond for their clients'


Shakeel Shah
Compliance Manager at Eversmart



'EvaluAgent equals no more Spreadsheets'


Bruce Evison
Head of Service Desk at Mirus IT



'Excellent Coaching and Development Tool'


Jill Whyte
Service Desk Manager at Your Housing Group



'Excellent Quality Management System - Perfect for SMB's looking for centralised system'


James Sharp
Proposition Director at Ashbrook



'EvaluAgent's clear dashboard is helping us drive the right advisor behaviours'


Freda Owusu
Head of Contact Centre at Network Homes

Managing a remote team?

Deliver real-time feedback and motivate agents from anywhere!
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The most connected Quality and Coaching platform.

Speed up the evaluation process, remove selection bias and bring together your data sources. EvaluAgent works as an independent platform or integrates with your favourite systems. Natively, or via an open-API.
Reg Dutton Customer Success Manager

More than just great software.

You don't have to go it alone - our team will walk you through everything.

From building an effective scorecard to improving agent engagement, our experienced customer success team will be on hand every step of the way.

Stop playing around with your Quality Assurance.

EvaluAgent provides everything you need to evaluate, coach and engage your customer service and sales teams, so why wait?

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