Evaluate, coach and engage your agents

with Call Centre Quality Monitoring Software that does more than score

Not just a tick in the box!

Quality Assurance is vital to your business. Yet, you may still rely on paper records, spreadsheets, a clunky old database or that very nice enterprise solution that has so many reports, your team leaders don’t know where to start...

...And now, you’re in a constant battle with agents and senior management who consider your quality scores inaccurate and your feedback unfair...

You’re not alone! We’ve felt your pain, and we have the solution.

Boost your Key Performance Indicators 

EvaluAgent® delivers benefits to multiple stakeholders across a range of sectors.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

EvaluAgent® increases customer satisfaction by helping agents to improve customer-focused interaction skills and behaviours.


Improve Service Efficiency

EvaluAgent® delivers more efficient and effective interactions that lead to fewer repeat contacts; enabling your contact centre to reduce costs and make better use of your resources.

Service Improvement@2x

Enhance Employee Engagement

EvaluAgent® improves employee engagement by providing tools, working practices and personalised desktop information that combine to empower, and motivate agents to take control of their own performance.

Employee Engagement@2x

Improve Team Productivity

EvaluAgent® removes the need for spreadsheet and improves the efficiency of quality management through highly intuitive workflows and engaging reports.


Demonstrate Compliance

EvaluAgent® produces robust risk and compliance reporting to help you reduce risk, reduce complaints, and demonstrate the fair treatment of customers to shareholders and regulators.


Business Process Outsourcers

Actively used by some of the worlds largest outsourcers, EvaluAgent® includes all the features you would expect; plus a number of innovations to meet the specific needs of Business Process Outsourcers.

  • Easily accommodate multiple accounts
  • Works with each client’s technology
  • Leverage EvaluAgent’s technology, expertise and collateral to differentiate and add value during the bid process.

Energy & Utilities

Risk and regulatory compliance are often the toughest challenges to address in the contact centre. EvaluAgent helps you improve performance, ensure compliance and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Balance risk with customer experience
  • Evidence compliance monitoring
  • Reduce mistakes with real-time feedback

Financial Services

Actively used by banks, fund managers, credit providers, and insurers, EvaluAgent® includes all the features you would expect, plus a number of innovations to address regulatory requirements.

  • Evidence compliance with TCF principles
  • Improve Quality across front & back office
  • Benefit from decades of experience working with some of the UK’s largest financial organisations.

We're delivering an ROI for thousands of users

Contact Centres of every size use EvaluAgent to improve customer service, demonstrate compliance and engage the front-line
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