How to use AI to reduce contact center attrition

The contact center agent’s role has never been easy. Long hours, irritated customers, and constant monitoring can lead to quick burnout. But what if AI and automation could help make their jobs more enjoyable?

Forward-thinking contact centers know that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. By leveraging the latest AI and automation tools, you can create positive environments where agents thrive. Agents stay engaged, turnover drops, and the customer experience improves. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Research from evaluagent’s latest whitepaper shows that high agent turnover rates continue to plague the industry. A shocking 38% churn rate demonstrates most contact centers struggle to retain talent, while 53% of CX leaders say talent retention is top challenge.

It’s an uphill battle, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why AI + automation = Agent satisfaction

Leading contact centers are discovering that AI and automation tools can transform the employee experience and retention levels. By using them strategically to augment agents’ skills and lift burdens, AI and automation become vital supporters that help agents excel.

They do this by:

The bottom line? AI and automation allow agents to focus on what matters most – delivering excellent customer experiences. 

Empower agents to own the customer relationship

When agents have the right tools and support, contact centers can shift to an empowerment model where agents take full ownership of customer issues. This helps agents gain confidence, knowing they can quickly access the information needed to resolve any customer enquiry.

And when employers allow agents autonomy and show that they trust in their abilities, it significantly improves job satisfaction and retention, fostering a culture where agents feel supported – leading to reduced turnover. 

In turn, empowered agents deliver better customer experiences – granting their employers a vital competitive edge.

Ready to upgrade your employee experience?

Now’s the time to prioritize the agent experience, leveraging AI and automation tools to engage employees, reduce attrition, and delight customers. evaluagent’s integrated suite helps contact centers do just that, by supporting and empowering agents.

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How to reduce BPO churn

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