Performance Reporting

Quickly identify which agents and aspects of your customer experience require attention and then track how your QA efforts positively impact your business KPIs.

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Reliable insight that everyone understands.

We know spreadsheets cause data silos, making it difficult to understand the true performance of your Contact Centre, let alone act. Whilst other tools complicate things, EvaluAgent keeps it simple. We'll tell you what is going well and what needs attention, so you spend more time managing people and less time in spreadsheets.


All the reports you need, all in one place.

Providing unrivalled visibility into the performance of your people and your processes.


Insights Report 
Motivate and engage the front-line with their own performance leader-boards, ranked by overall QA scores or improvement over time. This optional report is great for remote teams!


Line Item Performance Report
Drive more effective coaching, training and on-boarding by quickly understanding which areas of the customer experience are not meeting the expected standard across your scorecards.


Calibration Performance Report
Track session attendance, consistency over time and knowledge of the expected standard across evaluators, scorecards and session type.


CX Performance Report
Doing QA slightly differently? Group multiple evaluations into a singular experience and report the end-to-end experience your customers have received. Great for back-office and case management workflows!


KPI Performance Report
View the quality performance for all of your operational areas, from the top-level (business), throughout your organisational structure, to an individual agent's performance, in just a few clicks!


Category Performance Report
Create custom categories to report on groups of similar line items across scorecards for a birds-eye view into service quality and the people, process and compliance requirements that contribute towards it.


Evaluator Performance Report
Monitor average time to complete an evaluation, quality of feedback and the number of appeals across each member of your QA team. Great for resource planning and consistency.


Data Exporter
Export the entire data set of Evaluations and One-to-Ones results into CSV for further manipulation by insight and BI teams.



KPI Performance Report

View the quality performance for all of your operational areas from the top-level (business) throughout your organisational structure down to an individual agents' performance in just a few clicks!



Line-Item Performance Report

Understand which areas of the customer experience are not meeting the expected standard across your scorecards so that you can develop more action-focused coaching and training intervention for those that need it.



Category Performance Report

Monitor performance across business areas and grouped line items from across your scorecard using the category performance report.



Evaluator Performance Report

Tracking the productivity and consistency of your quality assurance team is hard to do in a spreadsheet. We make it simple so you can more accurately plan resource, monitor consistency and keep a handle on Agent disputes across scorecards and date ranges.

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EvaluAgent provides everything you need to evaluate, coach and engage your customer service and sales teams, so why wait?

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Powerful reporting, made simple.

Manage senior stakeholders, engage front-line teams

Decades of experience in customer service and user-experience has gone into our reporting suite. The outcome? From senior managers to team leaders and agents, everyone gets access to the right performance data, based on the permissions you configure.


Set up complex structures and groupings

Perfect for teams of all shapes and sizes, EvaluAgent simplifies performance reporting of dispersed teams. What's more, custom reporting groups enables you to compare collections of Agents (such as new starters) against the population as a whole.


Automatically share results across your organisation, without the need to login

Create, print and automatically email beautifully designed reports to clearly communicate quality scores and actionable insight from across your organisation every day, week or month.


Customise your view with "My KPIs" and Targets
Avoid drowning in data with your personalised focus area. Easily monitor KPIs against past performance and set targets to see results at a glance.


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